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Tioga Tyres!
ok so my bike being a halfords bike come with the cheap crappy tioga tyres on them, today i was left gob smacked.  Had to ride my bike to school due to the bus not running and the roads where completely covered in thick ice/snow and not once did i feel like i was going to come off.  I was riding along feeling that i should hate these tyres they should have no grip and be very slow but to my amazement pure grip

im yet to take these tyres to mud so does anyone have any opinions on how they cope on mud?
post a snap of the tread pattern Steve.  They're probably just a cheap copy of a tried'n'tested jobbie.
havent got any pictures of the real life tyre as the bike is else where but heres one from wiggle

Snow is very grippy, its what it hides underneath thats the issue. I had a Tioga something or other on the back of my Azonic 3 years ago when I built it. After 10 punctures in 6 months I threw it away. I now only get about 2 a year
They look like a cross between FireXC Pro's and Highrollers...  Both regulars on our trips  Wink
ok cheeers for explaining why then

hopefully will last another month or so untill i can get some high rollers  8)
I think they are the same ones my Carrera Kraken came with. I used them on some light DH runs a couple of times and they weren't too bad. On the second time though the carcass split longditudinally down the middle so i got some HR's. Don't know what they are like in thick mud, i just used them on the Crab and Winkle.
i had the 2.1 versions of them when they first come out in about 98  they called them  factory DH back then n were the bigest tyre about going up to 2.3 like we got on our banshee.  i use them in all weathers n loved them thats y i was happy wen i saw them on the bike, they use to do to types a fat 33 or fat66 think they was kevlar n punchture proof but to long again to remember
If you find they grip on normal mud etc and don't get punctures then no need to change them, use them till they wear out
"Breezer" Wrote:If you find they grip on normal mud etc and don't get punctures then no need to change them, use them till they wear out

Damn right, if you really want to change them make to do lots of skids first, then you get the adoration of your peers and can vaguely justify new rubber...
Keep it foolish...

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