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Buying Secondhand - Any Advice? STW etc
I've found a possible frame on STW and have spoken to the buyer and agreed a price. I'm currently waiting for him to get me a copy of the original invoice for the bike. This is going to take a couple of days, so it got me wondering is there any point? Are there things I should and shouldn't do when buying from people on there? Any advice?

He seems genuine enough and claims to be a qualified mechanic. His other posts include sales for other items/bikes so it all adds up. I'm just interested to know who just sees it as a bit of a leap of faith???!
Payments the main issue, bank transfer or paypal gift have no come back, if done through ebay you have protection. I bought my butcher off STW, checked his old posts etc but then collected it and paid cash so I could see it first. You could ask him to list it buy it now on ebay and you do it that way although he will then have fees so would need to take that into account
I recently bought a frame second hand in the same way. it was nerve wracking in all honesty but the end result was a £2.5k frame for well below half of that with barely a scratch on it. so the end result was great!
I spent a bloody long time stalking the buyer and reading all of his posts, especially his trades. I found nothing but positives.
is the guy based close? can you do the deal face to face? that would be the safest way to do it.
I've bought lots off STW & never had a single problem.
Interesting. He is in Nottingham so it's a bit more of a journey than I'd like.

Are you protected if you do a regular pay pal transaction? i.e. non gift? I know you are through eBay from running my little side shop/business - much to my dismay!  :Smile

TBH, he has listed it a few times on STW with no luck yet so I could probably get away with calling the shots a little bit. If not there will be more?
How far away is the seller? Can't you go and pick it up, or meet half way? For peace of mind I'd always rather deal face to face, cash on collection. All depends on the value though and how much you want the frame and how keen the guy selling it is to get rid!
If you pay VIA Paypal (not gift) then you are protected and WILL get your money back if the frame isn't as advertised, lost in post etc. Someone recently tried to scam me when I bought some Fox 40's from Pinkbike classifieds. The twat tried to get me to pay VIA Paypal gift which I refused, item turned up not as described so I got a full refund through Paypal. There were lots of warning signs that I stupidly failed to notice though, and I should have legged it when he asked me to pay by gift :B
It's £675 so a fair amount, hence my cautiousness.

Just had a quick google about being a non gift and seems to make sense. Was there anything in particular you had to do Andy? Like payment method to paypal and shipping address? I think it has to be confirmed.
I would happily drive to Nottingham for a spend like that. my frame was in the murky highlands of Scotland so it wasn't really an option for me.
Take the current bike and do some riding whilst there!
"Blackers" Wrote:I would happily drive to Nottingham for a spend like that. my frame was in the murky highlands of Scotland so it wasn't really an option for me.
Take the current bike and do some riding whilst there!

Good call! Maybe I'm just a bit lazy.  Tongue

Anyhow. Just found this on paypals website. They brought in the same level of protection that you get on eBay June 2010.

Quote:If you pay for an item using PayPal and you have a problem with your purchase, we'll help to protect you.

If you bought your item on eBay, please open a claim on the eBay website directly.  Simply log into your eBay account and go to the ‘Contact Us’ page; you can open your claim using the form available there.

It is still possible to open a dispute on the PayPal website. If you pay for an eBay item through PayPal and you have a problem with your purchase, then we will look to cover you for the full amount (including postage) in the event that:

• You don’t receive the item
• You receive an item but it is significantly different than the description on eBay

Terms and exclusions apply. To read how you're protected just click the link 'Legal Agreements' on any PayPal page and follow the link to the PayPal Buyer Protection Programmes.

I know how good this is first hand too. I sell model figures on the side and the moment I get any complaint about one being broken or them not being satisfied I just refund the money as paypal will just do it anyway. For all I know they could lie about it not turning up as I only do it first class! Fortunately, most people are very honest! PayPal puts a lot of power with the buyer.

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