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Multiple broken rear gear cable
My rear mech cable keeps breaking. 3 have gone in the last 4 months which I don't think is normal so I must be doing something wrong.

Breaks in the same place every time. Snaps where you tie it to the mech, at that bolt.
The first two were jagwire cables, alot thinner than the shimano one's. one went poof within a week, the other lasted about 3. Then got the standard shimano inner and that just went poof after maybe 3-4 months. Before that I've never had one break in my life, the only thing I can think it is, is the SRAM outers?

Just wanted to ask what causes it and what can I do to stop it happening?


pic taken just after ride, before cleaning.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Bolt too tight? maybe it has a jagged edge?
Did you replace the entire cable & outers, or just the inner cables?
Also have you checked that mech has a full range of smooth, easy motion?

Halfords do "Clarkes Premier Gear Cable Kit" for about £8 for good quality inners & outers. Also get some decent cutters to get a clean cut, again Halfords about £8-9 if memory serves me right.
My guess would be along the same lines as Blacker. If it were stiff enough to snap the cables you would realise that there was a severe problem way brefore it snaps
XT rear mech? ive lost count of the amount of cables ive snapped, carry a spare one in my bag now. Same as you, always snaps in the same place right at the end.
I've recently had to replace mine. Wore at the point where the cable exits the outer on the mech. By the sounds of it, pretty much the same place. Mine's X0 though.
I cant remember the last time I snapped a cable plus ive run an XT rear on my main bike for 2.5+ years so it cant be that. I only ever use cheapest possible inner and outer when building up others as well and again no issues. Must be something sharp in there, outer cut badly or something
Tension too high when slammed against end stop and/or other sharp edges etc.
Its done it on different bikes with different outers but the same mech, its set-up right, something funny about the mech must be.
It looks as if the bolt and clamp bit you screw into the mech and the little grove bit where it sits on the mech are slightly worn. where you pop the cable inbetween. As in you can see little marks where the strands of metal would be making the grove thats built in slightly wider and less defined. Almost like they are sawing each other. only very slightly but it may indicate that the cable is moving ever so slightly? or rubbing some how - still pretty smooth though.

It shifted perfectly for 2 months, then got a little sloppy and needed a few turns to tighten it back up. Recently it was missing out a gear completely like it was stretched but I was too lazy to look at it and ping it went.  

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