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Formula brake range
Does anyone have much experience of the Formula brake range? I know Impished likes his RXs and MbNut likes these and R1s. Are the R1s worth the extra? Any experiences with K18s, K24s or the rest of the range?
R1's very light. I ran RX's for quite a while as they came on my Zesty. The only issue with them is that you cant adjust them in close enough to the bar and these days I prefer the lever to come in really close which I can do with my ancient and newer Hopes.

I never had to bleed them in the ~2 years I ran them and nothing ever went wrong. Think they need a stupid bleed kit avid style if you did need to them. They cannot be bled in the normal proper way like Hopes with a bit of tube and a spanner
RX on my DH bike and pretty much faultless so far, unlike my Avids on the Blood which need constant attention.

Hopes are still best bled using a syringe for the best results.
Planning to get R1s on my next build as have only heard very good things about them. Very light and very powerful. I think it was on singletrack I read and found a link to one of the German online shops where you can get them for around 300 GBP imported. Same guys that do the Reverb for about 190.
Tempted by the R1s but it gets expensive when you're buying for 2 bikes!

Anyone got any expereince of the Oros?
The only benefit you'll get from the r1 over the rx is weight as you really don't need the additional power.
I find that the formulas are not as sharp as other brakes but there is plenty of power relative to the pressure applied, i like the lack of sudden sharpness.
I have two sets of rx bought secondhand at very sensible prices. Check the hose lengths though.
As for lever adjustment, never been an issue.
Shimano overall pretty good but saints sqeal
Formula super trouble free though some r1 vibrate, rare but if a bad set a major pain. All have good modulation which some don't like as perceived as a lack of power.
Magura are expensive but good though can be unreliable and hard to bleed.
HHope look better than they work in my humblHope look better than they work but haven't used the newer models very much.

Avid are great if you like bleeding brakes, better off lighting a fire with your money, that said they certainly generate plenty of heat. . .    
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Ugh, my rear Elixir needs bleeding Sad
Haha thanks for the advice.  I've ordered a set of RX and am going to take a look at finding some R1s within a reasonable budget for the race project
I've got oro k18's on my 2008 Lapierre with 160 rotors. The bloke I bought it off had a larger rotor on the front which I found overkill for my use.

Had no probs with the rear, had the front bled twice, does go spongy after a while. (prob needs a seal kit at the lever end)

Squeeled like a pig when I tried running sintered pads but no probs with organic.

I too like the lack of sudden sharpness, plenty of bite if I pull the lever hard enough even if with one finger.

I looked to have the seal kits replaced on both and to be honest it was more cost effective to source new brakes on offer, found some real bargains a while ago.

If you do go with Formula they have a tiny o-ring under the bleed screw, caliper end. Don't buy the expensive o-ring kit if you ever bleed them I have a few I bought elsewhere laying around..
I have RX's on the Spicy and have no issues other than they can squeal at times, I am running sintered pads though.  Very happy with the stopping power and definitely don't feel on/off to me.  As for the reach ive managed to pull the lever in quite nicely, i dont like the lever too close to the bar.

I will definately think about other types of pads when i next purchase some as the squealing highlights my poor skill level  Wink
As for bleeding, not here.

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