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Bike Cleaning
Guys - Much has been posted about bike cleaning (well, maybe not on here yet) but I just thought Id start a thread about cleaning your bike.

I was much an advocate for using proper cleaning liquids/sprays etc, although Ive NEVER used Muc-off.

Recent use was a citrus degreaser called Virosol which when heavily diluted did cut through everything and cleaned the bike brilliantly and at stronger concentrate cleans the chain and mech a treat.


Ive recently had enough off all that faffing around and now use simply a bucket of hot soapy water (car soap) and just go over the whole bike with a nice big soft brush.

Same results, warmer hands, less faffing.

Am I to be sent to the gates of hell for my sins?, probably not, but what are you guys using?
Dampen bike with dirt worker (I have a spare car battery rigged up at home so can use it there), apply muc off all over bike, leave for a minute, use brush and dirt worker to clean, repeat if required. Then use chain degreasing tool. Spray wd40 onto mechs, shifters etc, pat down bike with a towel to vaguely dry, ride up and down the road dragging the brakes and doing many hard stops until back to full power, apply chain lube, briefly run gears through, the end.

Car shampoo can work, dont use washing up liquid as its lethal, both will heavily contaminate brake pads though, much more than muc off so even more essential that you burn them dry afterwards as above although off topic, I may delibrately contaminate my front pads a bit as since I put sintered ones in, its blinking lethal as too powerful lol, I guess I will adjust with time
A hose and a brush, thats it. I think muck off is a waste of money. But whatever you do DONT USE A JET WASH! My rear hub is currently in pieces because i used to. Doh!
My outside tap doesnt work and I have a dirt worker so sorted heh. Muc off does cost a lot but I found a place selling 2x5 litre for £23, bearing in mind they sell the 1 litre trigger bottles for £6-7 that was quite a bargain!

Yes, it cracks me up that not only do people pay £1.50 for the bike wash at Bedgebury, but its so high power that you would need to replace every single bearing after using it  Big Grin

Some hubs are better sealed though, Shimano ones etc are not great, nor is the Halo on my Inbred which I need to rebuild, Pro II fine for nearly 2.75 years now...get what you pay for
I use washing up liquid and hot water, job done. Just make sure to rinse throughly as washing up liquid contains lots of salt.
Can some of us clever chaps (nick?) - found out the formula for Muc-Off and Fenwicks etc and design our own super formula and become very rich?

Theres a chemical company not far from me, and I have been tempted to take a bottle there for some info on it!  Wink

I think I "may" try muc-off one day to see what the fuss is about, but Im guessing its no different to any other cleaner which can be found.

Breezer : That is a good price for 2x5litres - You will have to divulge your sources!
Will dig out the email tonight
Top one, works out at £26.97 inc postage so a couple of pound more than when I ordered it just before xmas but still a good price and came next day despite busy time of year
i just use plain soapy water and my muc-off brush set, saying that though im a clean freak when it comes to bikes so i sometimes manage to sit there for around 2 hours cleaning my bike to a perfect shine, untill it goes shingggggg  Big Grin
I normally spend quite a while but not that long! Although after my snow ride on Monday I simply brushed off most of the big bits of snow, sprayed some wd40 to help disperse the water and let it drip dry in the kitchen

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