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mud guards?
having just gone out on the downs for my first ride in the wet i am now blind and extremely wet and dirty! is this normal or do you all use mudguards and if so what would be best for my stumpy fsr?
thanks Smile
I'm happy with my Crud catcher for the front, and don't bother for the rear. I've also got some neoprene thing for the front forks that stops crap getting to my face - can't for the life of me think who makes it though! Got it all from chain reaction.

Edit - one of these - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... elID=27830</a><!-- m -->
i like the look of that can i just get that and no mud guard?
I've got a downtube guard it takes off a little spray, combine it with a stantion guard (even one made of innertube) and your face will be marginally less filthy. These also look fairly subtle and not too geeky. Add a plastic rear guard and you'll look a bit of a spanner but you'll not have a wet filthy arse, which is a win in my book.

Spanner time!

Save your money and get the cheapest one you can.
Keep it foolish...
Agreed, the rear mudguard looks ridiculous but you will come home with a dry arse which makes it worth it on a cold night ride.
Yep I use a downtube guard and a rear mudguard, really want to get one of those stantion neoprene things though, as inner tube is not very quick release lol.

I dont care what I look like with "gay guards" I come home much drier and they dont really add much weight or slow you down IMO Smile
Neoprene guard on the fork & crud guard on the back for me... Never really liked the downtube guard
Inner tube one can be used with velco cable ties so will be the same as the proper one, can save yourself a few pounds doing it that way
Crud catcher front & rear for me, it might look a bit of a spanner but when it's f'in cold you won't regret having a dry back & butt mate.
I have a crud catcher front and rear on my 2010 stumpy. If you drill an additional mounting hole in the front catcher you can mount it using the cable clamps on the down tube. I left my front on all summer as it looks like its part of the bike. The rear doess look iffy but works well. A Ill go with what Jimmy said.

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