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Riding Wet Roots
Lets have your tips as to how best to ride wet roots...?
Low(er) tyre pressure, at speed with a light front end, up off the seat level pedals ready to move with the bike.  Hit them like you mean business.
hop them. Or can't your new superbike do that for you?  Wink
Keep it foolish...
Nearest to 90degs as possible is a basic rule i follow, but tyres do have a major factor too.

I came a cropper several times ar sits on those slow twisty sections early on after the rain, back tyre was like ice on them.
Homework for tomorrow eve... sneaky  Wink
I second the "hop them" suggestion. I find that riding a hard tail means I can't be lazy and just roll over difficult terrain, it's the same with braking, I don't touch the brakes unless the wheel I'm braking with is on reasonably sturdy ground, sometimes this means hoping some roots, immediately washing some speed off for a half second and then hoping the next load of roots or 'floating' over them if I haven't got the time/energy/angle to properly clear them.
"Blackers" Wrote:Lets have your tips as to how best to ride wet roots...?

The same way you ride dry ones. Don't focus on them and keep your speed up.
"Laggingbehind" Wrote:Homework for tomorrow eve... sneaky  Wink


Off camber wet roots?
As ben says, 90 degrees is the best way, go fast to, less time your tyres on the roots the less time it has to slip. Stay light on the bike and try to make it feel as if your hovering over them. Hoping isnt really the answer as eventually your only land on another set of roots, well it would be like that 90% of the time round my way.

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