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Commuter bike
Right in a effort to get fit I've got my hands on an old Raliegh Max Orge ht bike. It's very in, but in complete original spec and hardly used, still has original tyres with lots of tread. I want to spend as little as possible on it to get it to a level where I can ride it 9 miles to work and back couple of time a week. What should I concentrate on? I'll need some decent commuter lights too.

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one of these beauties!
Road commute?
Lights, saddle, tyres - done Smile

(Although the wheels are too small to commute on Tongue)
Dude nice bike. If it all works ok leave it alone till breaks id only replace the tyres for something semi slick like maxis worm drives, makes the road a whole lot easier. As for lights work out if there just to be seen or if you want to be able to see where you’re going with them as the latter are allot more expense.
Yes it a road commute, 6 miles each way. The idea being that I can take the lights of and leave the bike at work without fear of it being nicked. I will need to see where I'm going but don't want to spend too much on the lights.
Don't commute but been doing 3 to 4 hours riding at night in week

Knog do some good small back up rear lights that wrap round chainstay and are good as a secind flashing back light. Main rear light is not rechargeable so prone to fading and havenkt splashed out on dearer rechargeable ones

Tyres - reasonably puncture proof without being too draggy

Mud guards

Small bag for levers tube and 2nd multitool or use old waterbottle for these as journey short

Do you have longer quieter road options for a fine weather commute option
Meant seatstay for tiny knog back up lights (also. Have a front one as backup as useful if need to move light for repair etc as they just wrap themselves round bars etc with no fitting gubbibgs required
nice bike, bang a pair of these on it, it'll speed up no end, and they're puncture resistant too.

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Add a cheap mudguard and you're sorted.
Keep it foolish...
I just got a Lunar 10 Front & 1/2 Watt Rear light set from On one for a snip at #15 as well as a Smart 1/2 Watt and 7 LED rear light.

All of them are very bright and well suited for commuting.

As far as tyres go I'm a big fan of Schwalbe City Jets.  Nice and fast rolling on the road and during the summer/dry months suprisingly good off road too.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Its dark now, don't skimp on your lights.  Spend as much as you can to light yourself up.  

My commute ranges from very busy main roads to dark quiet back lanes - ie no cycle lanes!

I got one of these "fibre flare" as a rear light - its "brilliant"!!

I've also got a "Respro rucksac cover"

And some reflectivity gloves (for hand signals!!), plus the usual  bright and reflective jacket.

Tyre-wise I'd go for Schwalbe Marathon Plus, with some Slime tubes - I've not had a puncture for 4months with this combination in 600miles on road riding.

Tip - look and some commuting videos on youtube and this will prepare you for how close the inpatient traffic will pass....and you can see how visible other cyclists are or aren't!

Trust no one.
Good Luck and be safe.
Can 2nd the Schwalbe tires! did 1000 miles on them from Santander to Calais and only had one puncture all trip (100psi on a 35kg loaded bike - 32 profile). And that was a result of a cm long shard of glass so unavoidable and nearly rendered the tire unuseable. Went for the folding too for maximum lightweight. Expensive at about 60 quid a set though. Can find a link if you like as it was the cheapest place I could find?

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