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TF tuning ?
ok say some of you have mentioned TF tuning (or something along those lines) and i was just wonderng what the hell it is basically :B and what PUSHed is ?
Check out TFTuned webbie for loads'a info Steve.
"impished" Wrote:Check out TFTuned webbie for loads'a info Steve.

ok cheers should of googled it first really  :Smile
My Pikes are off there at the moment. Even a basic service is a hell of a lot of money but I dont plan on selling them and even if I did, it would be a good selling point that they will be tuned as well so i will report back
TF is a guy called Tim Flooks who used to ride for GT UK in the early 90's, i you have ever tried to service a pair of forks, its not an easy job, so is worth paying the money to get him to do it.
yes im fairly competent with stuff, rebuild my competition car etc however when I looked at the Sram guide for the air u turn Pikes I rung them up lol! Pushing them was only another £50 so I thought sod it, may as well get it done at the same time, better to ride etc
Booked in for today, just got email Smile

"Just to let you know that your suspension is leaving tonight and should arrive with you the next working day by 3pm (4pm in Scotland), snow permitting"
Let us know what you think when you get them back. Think mine are about due a service so will send them off at some point. Can they re paint the legs too? Mine have a few chips and scratches that are bothering me.

Just had a look on the site, and the rear will be going on a trip soon too Smile
Will do. Hopefully they should be massively better as they were awful compared to my friends which were the same model! Plus I had that issue of having to run half the psi in -ve, they were still a lot better than my old coil ones though but then the spring was too soft for me so it used to use its travel more and get harsh ramp up which you probably dont get as not fat

Dont know about painting, mine are quite marked and missing the main Pike sticker which the original owner took off for some reason but I cba to buy new decals at £15 or something
Got a text at 7.08am this morning saying my forks would be delivered today. 8.29am they appeared at work! Cost quite a lot in the end but then I wont be selling them for a couple of years if at all!

What I like is the detailed service info on the back of the invoice about all the work thats been done, parts fitted etc then a list of observations. May recall me whinging about having to run -ve chamer with less air well they are fine apparently and it was almost certainly due to oil entering the pump as I always topped up the -ve with the bike the correct way up. The Turners Manitous specifically state you should put the forks upside down when doing them so no sure why I didnt think of that with the Pikes.

He has then set the fork up with recommended settings for my weight and riding style (LOL oxymoron statement if ever I saw one) and detailed them so I know for reference. Now to start fitting and hopefully when its dry in 5 months I can test them

They even put in the bits they replaced, including in my case what looks like the bit under the u turn adjuster thats split in 2, no wonder it clunked if anywhere between min and max travel. I do wonder if I should have had the bushes replaced as only another £25 but there was no play and service info confirms that

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