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Free to caring home...Alpinestars.
I have a piece of Mountainbiking history going green at the bottom of my garden in an unloved example of an Alpinestars Almega dx. I uncovered it earlier today as i started to sort out the mess down the bottom of my garden :o These were the bikes of there time and a world mtb championship winning one at that but in all honesty it's a minor restoration project for anyone into retro bikes. Anyway, i thought i would put it on here first before i take it down the dump.
Someone on here would probably pay you for it
last year I had a sweet winter project bike, completed on the first of January, I'd love to have another one but sadly have neither space nor time, if you don't see interest on Sketchy then as Breezer mentioned above, the retrobike guys might well go nuts for it.
Keep it foolish...
Elevated or standard chainstays?
The standard, uber lary yellow version was my first serious mountain bike, and I'd love this if it's in a recoverable condition mate Smile
J.D, it's the elevated chainstay model & yes,before you ask,it has the dreaded frame flaw but i carried on riding it as a commute bike regardless  Tongue
Dreaded frame flaw? I'm unaware, probably blissfully so by the sound of it!
My old 2 triangle DX had no issues, except a slightly damaged headset/downtube junction, due to head on with a mk3 Cortina Big Grin
That also mashed the forks which I replaced & kept riding til it got nicked :'( Shame as I loved that bike.

Seriously though, what is the dreaded flaw? Bottom bracket bendage or what?
Would love to see a pic if you can mate.
That they cracked, bit like the manitou FS's? (now theres a hang on the wall lottery frame one day....)
"Breezer" Wrote:That they cracked, bit like the manitou FS's? (now theres a hang on the wall lottery frame one day....)


resim - £500 frame on ebay now....
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
"treaclesponge" Wrote:This?

resim - £500 frame on ebay now....

Mate of mine had one of those, lovely bike

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