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Wellgo Flat Platform Pedals
So I just got a pair of these Wellgo flat platform pedals for the princely sum of £11.95 inc shipping.

They grip really well (I wear a pair of vans skate shoes when riding and these pedals work brilliantly with them)
They've got replaceable pins
They're not overly heavy (595g a pair)
They're well finished
They're really cheap!
Wellgo make loads of brand named pedals (like DMR etc..) so I'm fairly confident of the long lasting build quality

No grease port
Unnecessary bits of metal which are only there to hold the reflectors, which got thrown away before I even finished pulling the packaging off
If I miss getting my foot on the pedal or if my foot does manage to slip off, it's going to mean stitches (this would be less likely with SPD's)
No supporting strut between the edges such as the DMR V8's have

All in all I'm pretty pleased with them, so far they seem like a great value buy, around half the price of the DMR V8 and aside from the missing grease port and support strut they are nigh on identical.

I got mine from:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 191wt_1396</a><!-- m -->

But there are lots of people selling them at around that price in various places.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Wellgo B54's are pretty good too, got mine for £18 off CRC a while back.
Ach wish I knew they could be had for that little! They look a fair bit sturdier, like if you hit something hard enough to break them damaged pedals will be the least of your worries! Tongue They're £30 from CRC now Sad
nice bargain , I use DMRs and also Superstars, the DMRs are responsible for a handful of shin scars, the superstars are so bloody sharp I use pads! Both are a vast improvement on the type of stock beartrap that comes as standard on most bikes.
Keep it foolish...
My Rockhopper came with plastic (nylon) flats with molded pins. To be fair they lasted fine for the time I rode them and the grip was much better than I would have credited, but I'm still very glad I've finally replaced them at last. Next upgrade is a camelpack ;D
I have the magnesium flats from WellGo. 30 quid I think they were. Bargain. Work well. My feet do slip off but thats because I use pants Nike trainers.  Undecided
Im running these pedals on my street/jump/young bike and have been since I built it in april. I always wear my pads because as you say, they will hurt, I actually managed to slip and catch my calf on it when I wasnt wearing them and it hurt alot!!

But yeah very good pedals all in all Smile

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