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Grmin 705 - how does it work??
Hello guys, well i've got myself a Garmin 705 Edge with Topo mapping but there is practically no info on how to use the thing...

I need some help...  i want to get the Topo mapping on the machine and get some routes in there so i can get out and about in different areas..

Any help gratefully received.... anyone willing to spend a day riding and showing me how to master the thing will be rewarded...  ie   i'll pick you up and i;ll even buy the tea and cakes... no not at Bedgebury...

Seriously any help...  thanks
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
i dont know if you have looked on Garmins Website but there are some pdf guides on there
did  you  get the cd version of topo? or memory card only one? i will show how  it works  next  time  we are out
Without trying to sound you out, but is the Topo legit?

My mate Andy has a 705 and has been desperate to get better mapping on his unit, but only has the stock one - he's tried certain "updates" found via certain torrent sites but with no luck.

Simple to use...

Either upload a course to it which you can design on Memory Map or Mapmyride etc

or Record your rides by simply hitting Start/Stop the start/end of your ride - the magic happens when you connect it to your PC to see all the glorious info! - Its quite addictive.

Top Tip : Download SPORT TRACKS its FREE and logs all your rides and tracks your progress etc - much better than Training Center or the now ruined Motionbased/Garmin Connect service.

Ive got a 305 - and I love it, even use it on walks.
My friend has some £300 odd Garmin with I believe these topo maps and I just dont like it as they show so little info, only the actual paths etc. That may be fine but not if semi lost or want to see whats round you. With my windows mobile and memory map I have full OS maps

Saying that, he doenst know how to use it properly so maybe just user error and i still question why he spent that much on one when every day he moans about his 10yr old £300 bike being useless offroad  Big Grin

edit: Just remembered I invited him to join here so if you are reading this Daniel, bite me etc Tongue
You cannot get "proper" OS maps on a Garmin, Topo just gives you (quite obviously) Topographic terrain information.  Only roads are shown, albeit more main roads.

I wouldnt buy one for mapping, they dont do it.

However, when you got it hooked up right with a pre-planned route, its great to follow, you can race the previous ride etc (but even my 305 does that)

We explored the woods at Bredhurst last week and got lost with regards to our right of way, and I ended up getting my phone out which Ive got OS maps on.
the 705 has much better mapping than the 305 (i have had both) I have the Garmin Mapsource Topo Great Britain v2 on the unit and used to use City Navigator on the pc, which i got from *Ahem* somewhere  Wink.

But agree with BMJBOY about sporttracks its very good. thanks for introducing it to me.

i mainly use mine for heart rate and speed distance stuff also have save loads of way points for good stuff.

Even managed to get Ade back to the car park when he broke his Mech  Smile

Have also raced myself on the Mario Kart ghost mode  Wink
Ok.. well my Topo is on a cd and i have errm    killed my laptop so need a new one before playing with it..  

I got it on a killer deal so didn't pay as much as i should, a semi pro ironman mate was buying the whole teams power meters etc and i tagged this on the bottom of their £12000 order and benefitted from a healthy discount...  that's what friends are for huh...

I will look up everything i can find and try to get my head around it so that i can at least ask the right questions.

Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Top Advice : You will only forget to press START - ONCE, when you return from your epic ride and realise you didnt press start - its a harsh lesson you will never repeat.

All that riding and GPS data you THINK you're getting, you never did!
Can i put co ordinates into the 705... i wanna go geo caching at the weekend with my lad and i have no idea if i can put a set of co ordinates into this thing...


I know, geo caching is worse than road riding but he saw it on country file and wants to try it...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            

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