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Commencal rear dropouts
Ok this is probably another daft question but i'm stumped.  I'm most of the way through building the Meta and am trying to work out what mech hanger dropout is fitted.  As I understand it there should be either 10 or 12mm dropouts.  The mech hanger side seems to be 9mm (only have a tape measure so uncertain of accuracy) and won't take the standard QR axle on the Pro 2 hub I'm trying to fit.  The non drive side measures 10mm and fits it perfectly.  Could this be a manufacturing error or do I need to order new parts?  Doesn't seem quite right to me!

I've attached a piccy.  You should be able to see that one side is narrower than the other...

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
I take it the qr is on the non drive side and the drop out is on the right side of the swing arm? Will look and see if I have any old drop outs for the meta...
"Deadpool2e" Wrote:I take it the qr is on the non drive side and the drop out is on the right side of the swing arm? Will look and see if I have any old drop outs for the meta...

Yes I think I understand what you mean and that's how its setup. Thanks mate, hope you have something!
Cannot find the drop outs sorry.
Just measured some of mine with proper digital verniers, all 10mm axle (well slightly less but you know) inc my 1992 Breezer wheels

As its a Commenceal I put it down to bad build quality. Specifically on the drive side qr, that bit which juts out clearly shouldnt be there.

I suspect if you measured where the actual axle would sit that it 10mm there but you cant get the rear axle past that other bit and then slot it up into place?

Sounds like a job for a file.....I had to take one to an old HT frame before

If you are saying the entire whole is only 9mm on the drive side then I have no idea as thats not for any axle setup I know...
Every time I build a bike I come up against stuff like this. I have two ways of dealiog with it...

1) Beat the crap out of it
2) Go round Tinc's house.

I am proud to say that in building the Tallboy I did not need to attend the Tinc School of Mechanics and the only parts I beat were my tyres which I threw at my garage wall a few times.
Yours wouldn't fit anyway mark they changed the drop out design since our ones. I reckon the drop out was bent inwards during delivery, bend it back or get a file on it.
file that cheeky piece of Catalan tax evading metal down. It looks like it's been machined a bit wonky, but it'll not be structural. Until it breaks, then it was structural.
Keep it foolish...
Lol Mike.

Looking at it again, i think Russ is spot on, it looks bent. Were the drop outs attached to the frame when it was delivered?
Thanks for the suggestions - definitely looks bent to me.  I guess the box must have been dropped at some point.  Confidence inspiring eh?! Wink

Ill call Merlin tomorrow to see if they'll send me another dropout as I certainly haven't dropped it!

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