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How not to coach
This is awful....

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[quote author=]This is awful....

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You dislike the article or the video?

I didn't think very much of that video and I share the opinion of the author to a certain extent.
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[quote author=]

You dislike the article or the video?

I didn't think very much of that video and I share the opinion of the author to a certain extent.[/quote]

video is pretty dreadful.

Very refreshing for a bike mag to give a direct honest opinion, is it too cynical to suggest that they weren't sponsors or advertisers therefore it didnt matter? Pity all mags cant be this direct with all their product reviews.
I'm getting pretty p**se off with virtually every pro mountain biker plugging the bloody Vito every 5 seconds! I'm gonna un follow Steve Pete if he mentions @the Vito sport in one more of his Facebook status's!
&quot;Deadpool2e&quot; Wrote:

Now this posted by Mark is a brilliant article and this quote sums it up for me

"If more people spent time and money with a good coach rather than on the Chain Reaction website or Pinkbike they might end up becoming much better, safer riders who can have more fun."

I am stuck at work today so I will probably at some time get dragged on to CRC :B
Seen a few of those vids on FB and they are indeed "cack"

I'd argue even his riding technique on the roll in drop would be confusing to most, he says put your weight back, but actually puts his weight forwards...

V*to S*ort pimping at it's worst, although they did lend us one once...

[media width=500][/media]

He might waffle a bit, but he does break it down in a touch more detail than Martyn...
I find there are hardly any videos out there that can teach you how to do/improve <whatever>. There's one on cornering somewhere which I'll try and dig out that was pretty good, and then there's this one from the cool calm and collected Jedi himself.

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Latest one. Ive not watched it yet. How to corner..
i'm always calm  Smile   Wink

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