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Shed lighting
Morning all

I'm after some form of ligthing for in the shed to tide me over until I can get the electrics sorted for it.  I've seen THIS on ebay which seems quite sensible, it wont eat batteries, can be charged indoors and can be used for other things which is all good.

Does anyone know if there any good or can you recomend somwthing else?

Cheers all Smile
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Can you not get a mains light in there?
Unless your garden is huge it shouldn't be tricky or that expensive.

Do you still need an anchor?
Until the electrics are sorted in the house I can't get the shed wired up. Our aged three fuse box would explode if I so much as showed it another wire.  That's why I'm looking for something simple to see me through.  

Once that's sorted then I plan to run an armoured cable along the garden wall then get a box put in the shed for lights and sockets.

I do still need an anchor but for the life of me I can't make up my mind where it will be best situated & how best to store the bikes.

Ability to pointlessly faff & dither at the drop of a hat; that's me... :B
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It takes us to where no ones been
I use a shed solar light bought from <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Its pretty good although i bought the cheap one, in hindsight perhaps I should have spent a little more for a bigger light. Anyway, easy installation and has been completely problem free.

I back it up with a gas lamp which again has been problem free.

The other bit of kit I have in there is a Calor gas fire, you come out smelling of butane but it warms the place up a treat.  Smile
Which one did you go for Sailor, was it the MULTI or the VORTEX?

I notice in the comments for the Multi they say it would be a little underpowered in a 6x8 shed.  IIRC yours is bigger then that?
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It takes us to where no ones been
mine is the multi, and for sure is under powered in my 10x10 workshop.
Fair play on the house wiring, but you could just get a mains fluoro & an extension lead
Plug it in when you need it & unplug it when you don't Wink

Then when your mains are sorted you already have you shed light ;D
I have a B&Q solar shed light that's ok - but you couldn't work on your bike with it - its far to dim for that but it was just a small cheap one, anyway that was a temporary solution.

I've recently got one of the Electricians from work to run a wire up the shed some 40meters away, supplying 2xlight and 3xsockets.

We ran it along the fence as opposed to under soil,  its neat and tidy and out of reach.

Cant complain about the work but the price is pushed up due to the cost of the cable!  
Given the dark mornings and silly shifts I work having to roll an extension lead out seems like a bit of a faff, I'd prefer something that I can either leave in there or just carry in when I need to.

I could always use my helmet light in the mornings lol
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Read your PM matey might be able to save you some ££££

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