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Dont panic Becs, no doubt the training will be well away from any mentally bad mud, you're all their to learn the basics, I doubt they will chuck you on the main ST straight away.

Face it though, you will probably get muddy, so just grin and bear it, "dont fight the filth"  Wink

Just ensure you've got plenty of clean/warm clobber back at the car, oh and a sh*tload of cash for the parking meter!  Undecided
Becs the thick mud on the black trail at blean doesnt even compare!  Dont worry about it though, despite the mud I actually like the place and prefer riding Bedgebury to Blean.

You will want to use the bike wash as well, £1.50 a go, it's really mean though, so I would factor in £3.00 for 2 tokens.

i am going there again tomorrow so will post an update on conditions.
Plus the £50+ for new bearings as its too powerful  Big Grin
and the price of a new bike as yours is stolen when you get to the cafe and they wont let you near it with it  :'(

i was actually offered the chance of going up there tomorrow, the best laugh i had had in years i tell you, £10 on petrol to what seems to be a mud bath from what you lot have said ummmm i dont think so ??)
So £7.50 parking, £3 jetwash. On top of your course fee, turns out to be pretty expensive and as breezer said the jetwash isn't really for bikes, don't ruin your bike with it. If you've got a bike rack take the bike home dirty and clean it properly when home. Or unless we have exhausted the nation of dirtworkers, invest in one of those bad boys.
Despite all the negative comments I still think its more fun to ride there than blean. Once you swallow the £40 per year parking pass fee its not so bad. When the trails are dry and fast it can be a lot of fun.
I've not ridden blean yet so cannot comment (yet) but yes the £40 pass is worth doing for a year. I think bedgebury is fine when dry, but like others, I do take issue with poor trail maintenance and such high fees for such service.
Only ridden Blean once and it was a blast however its veryyyyyyyyyyyy flat and I can imagine would be pointless if remotely muddy as it would be a tedious slog. Bedgebury does at least have some hills to play on but then its a "proper" centre so cant really be compared to a natural wood. Compare Bedgebury to Cwmcarn for example....... Smile
The people who run Bedgbrury should be dragged kicking and screaming to Afan for a lesson on how a proper trail centre dose drainage! Considering how much rain they get plus all the snow melt, a lot of the trails were bone dry, with just the odd sections that were muddy but nowhere near bad enough to even bother us. Bedgbrury's "attempt" at drainage is an utter joke!
[quote="]Despite all the negative comments I still think its more fun to ride there than blean. Once you swallow the £40 per year parking pass fee its not so bad. When the trails are dry and fast it can be a lot of fun.[/quote"]

You make a fair point there - its not quite as bad to ride as people make out.  The frustration is the potential of the place and the extortionate prices!  In the dry i actually do enjoy a blast round there and as i ride it so infrequently it makes a nice change.  Afan is an example of how a trail centre should be, but look at what they have to work with.  Bedgebury could never come close, but could be managed so much better than it is now.

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