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Agree with Pittgoat - Parking at Afan is about £2.50 (nothing!) in consideration for the trail quality, signage, facilities etc.

When FORCED to pay £7.50 to park at Bedgebury, with poorly kept trails, poor signage and then more high prices at the Cafe, Bikewash etc - you can appreciate the regular bikers "rant" that Bedgebury realy isnt up to par with other trail centres in the UK - You should get what you pay for.

Closer to home, look at Swinley - Although no trail guidance, it doesnt rip you off in the car park and you can buy a whole meal for about £3 in their cafe. I think a years pass for Swinley is approx £12!

Its all about bang for buck, if Bedgebury was reasonably priced in line with other trail centres, I bet you NO-ONE would be complaining.  But when I see a full car park of people paying £7.50 each, I do ask where the money is going, as its certainly not on trail maintenance or features for cyclists - It appears this so cycled Cycle Centre has cyclists interests about 3rd or 4th on their list of priorities.
I don't think the general bike owning person who rides the singletrack is even on their priority list anymore. That got people in originally and now they make their money out of the normal public renting bikes for the family route (although god knows why as what is there to see, couple of muddy ponds and trees?), play grounds etc.

I will say that the kids play ground place looks awesome and the Go Ape is as well. I did the one at Southampton and it was brilliant and they are all similar although I could barely move my arms the next day as my chest muscles were shot. Thing is those 2 bits for example are looked after, why is no money ploughed back into the xc route?

This will make you laugh. Generic family of 4 going for a day at Bedgebury, renting bikes, doing the family trail then eating in the cafe

Car park =£7.50
Adult bike rental for the day £25x2 =£50
Child bike rental for the day £25x2 =£50
Four meals with drinks in the cafe (going by their £3.90 for a bowl of soup) £30

So a bargain day out at £137.50  Big Grin
I think I might go there on Saturday, pay £7.50 parking, have a ride, pay £3 for two uses of the bearing destroyer then whilst im in the cafe spending £6 on soup and tea, give the  bike shop £30 to "check & adjust all parts, lube, index gears"  Big Grin
From what I can gather I need to avoid the bikewash?

I will take my bike in the boot of my car as I've got one of them fully washable town and country boot liners to  stick a muddy bike onto.

Anyone got any idea roughly how long it will take by car from say Faversham to Bedgebury?
Yes, the high pressure water gets into bearings on the hubs, bottom bracket etc which increases wear as you wash out the grease etc, and also can damage fork seals.  Should only be used as a last resort and from a distance to allow the water to slow down a bit!!

Fav to Bedge - looking about an hour-ish.

Dont want to sound like a Dirtworker bore (we've covered that already) - but you maybe lucky to find one or two still available in Kent for £25 from Halfords (as opposed to £90!)
I think we may have them all though!!  Tongue

A dirtworker is a low pressure washer which you can take in the car with you - fantastic machine, especially if you can find a magic cheap one from Halfords.
Bedgebury does tend to be wet mud so the bike wont get to clogged up. Find a stick when you get back to the car and knock the big bits off. It doesnt matter so much about cleaning the frame etc but dont leave it days to do the gears and chain else they will sieze up
"Breezer" Wrote:Bedgebury does tend to be wet mud so the bike wont get to clogged up. Find a stick when you get back to the car and knock the big bits off. It doesnt matter so much about cleaning the frame etc but dont leave it days to do the gears and chain else they will sieze up

Yeh, dont do what I did the other week, by leaving  half of BBH in your drivetrain for 2weeks!

Looking at that reminds me that in my race on Sunday I once again had some chain issues. I refuse to believe its the XT chainset as my older LX one never had a problem, nothing is bent etc but the chain clearly sticks to the middle ring when downshifting under load and sometimes you see it stick to the granny ring when it has muck around it. Difference is that im now using a kmc chain instead of an Sram so think im going to swap back as then it should be fine and will also stop spectators hearing me shout YOU C*** loudly at my bike as it locks up at critical moments on climbs  Big Grin
Check out my muddy Bedgebury pics here.

Have fun Wink
The bottom 6 photos on page 1 seem to be from somewhere else as I cant see any mud  Tongue

This was before it opened but no change

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