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Chicksands Info
Just thought I'd start the ball rolling on a review regarding Chicksands.

I went there 2 weeks ago specifically for some Jump / Drop tuition by a young lad called Tom Dowie (he's a national 4x racer). The place was mental - drops offs to bring tears to your eyes and carefully crafted jumps just about everywhere (some that are pure BMX and just plain silly on a full size MTB).

The 4X tracks were a highlight and clearly something the owners of Chicksands spend some time maintaining and looking after. They're fast, flowing and although peppered with jumps offered the scared a chicken run (alternative route) round the smooth jumps.

There was also a pretty substantial amount of Northshore on offer (although I've limited experience of Northshore having only ever been to Bedgebury and Thetford forrest to compare to). In true excited stupid berk mode I threw my bike up the 1st run of wood only to come crashing off again face 1st into the mud. It was then another biker wandered over to me and commented that nobody bothers with the Northshore when its soaking wet due to the lack of traction...doh!  :B

The entire place is a mixture of sand and hard mud . Considering I went there in the depths of January it's fair to say that the whole place (other than the Northshore) is a good all year round MTB'ing venue.

Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to try out any of the XC trails but I did see at least one well marked trail. I think that anyone going to Chicksands for the 1st time will probably spend all their time riding (and crashing) on the fast 4X tracks, the Northshore and large bombhole.

There were no "facilities" to speak of other than a port-a-loo. As for food and drink there's a resident burger van 500m up the road to serve the hoards of ramblers that seem to flock to the area too - along with the odd shocked looking MTB'er supping a super sweet tea to calm his nerves after attempting any of the gravity stuff down the road  ;D

All in all I rate Chicksands highly. Just come prepared with your arm/knee/shin pads and fair coating of thick skin mixed in with some nerves of steel.  ;D
Me and Buzzlight year have been to Chicksands and i loved the 4x and dual slalom. even though i was having bike problems this is the footage we got. (i want to go again now i have a meta)

[media width=500][/media]

[media width=500][/media]

[media width=500][/media]

[media width=500][/media]

would love to go with a load of us midweek so we can have mini sketchymtb races, weekends its crazy packed.

[buzz] i made it work for you  :K)[buzz]

[buzz] who the fuk put the kiss in there!!ADEEEEEEE![buzz]
Rode here yesterday (eventually!! ;D), its the perfect example of what can be achieved on quite a small hill. Freeride, northshore, jumps, drops etc. The 4X track is a lot of fun but its worth going for the dual slalom alone.
I want to go back there again soon. Anyone up for Fri 12th?
of November?? bit far off
"Breezer" Wrote:of November?? bit far off
Doh, meant Fri 13th Aug :B
i could be, depends if im working days or nights on the 12th.
Do I recall someone mentioning that the ladder drops had now gone? What about the north shore bit? and the drops on the DH, they are probably still there?
I think nearly all the woodwork has been removed as it was at the end of it's lifespan.
"mashley" Wrote:I think nearly all the woodwork has been removed as it was at the end of it's lifespan.

The north sure was still there last time I went. I believe the ladder drops were removed as a result of a bad accident, but you still have the two drops the other side to play on.

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