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Chain Length
So I picked up a box of goodies from the post office this morning among which is a new chain, what should your chain length be? I vaguely remember its something to do with having your gears in the biggest and biggest cog or the smallest and smallest cog when measuring to see if you need to remove any links but I really cant remember, help me out guys? ;D
Depends if it's a hardtail or fs.

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Hardtail, big & big plus 2 links.
i normaly find that small-small is perfect with the arm of the mech very almost touching the chain.

big-big is ok, but, theres no garentee when you shift to small-small that it will not touch the chain

just my thoughts
I normally go big to big plus 2 links for HT.  With full suss I let the air out of the rear shock and compress it fully then go big to big to stimulate chain growth.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Well I ended up going big big +2, or that was my plan, I bought one of those slimline shimano chains? Never again, I broke the connector link before I got it into the chain so had to use the powerlink off my sram chain I was replacing, think I still managed ending up with +2, got a few noises Im not sure of at the moment but Im sure I'll get it sorted out Smile Noticed some chain suck when I took it out as well, will see if I can run it all in to solve haha Tongue

Thanks for you help Smile
"Running it in" wont stop the chain suck rings for you I'm afraid as all you'll end up doing is wearing the chain to the worn rings & end up replacing that again as well.  FWIW stick with SRAM chains as shimanao's are fairly weak in comparison
Yeah as mentioned Im buying sram next time! With regard to the chain suck, I only noticed it on my way to my friends house (to see how my upgrades shape up) but on the way back I had none, so will just wait and see how bad the problem really is I think.

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