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Does Size Matter?
Just interested, after the STW thread moaning about big groups in Surrey.
It depends really. Sometimes I want a really fast ride, in which case I will personnally ask a few people who I know will be a similar pace, but other times, like Surrey on Sun, its good to have a big group and catch up with people you may not have seen for a while and have a laugh. Some of the comments on that STW thread made made me angry, like the one that said if we wanted to chat why don't we go to the pub. Miserable bstards!
Andy said it all really.
In all honesty I always had more fun with big groups, as Andy said, great for a catch up.
It's no good if you fancy/need a solid thrash, but swings n roundabouts huh!
+1 what Andy said.

Love riding in a big group - in the sketchy train - meeting new faces - especially being new to the forum.
Love riding 2 or 3 of you - pushing each other and covering more ground.
Love riding solo - time away from it all, stopping, no stopping - all good!  8)

O and yeah, I dont get the comment about going to the pub. Yeah we all have our own objectives out on a ride like in my three 'loves', but you are generally appreciative of all riding mentalities when out though. And its not exactly like Surrey hills is cramped is it, plenty of fire track space where the 'mothers meetings' tend to gather.

That chap must have underlieing issues and generally be not that happy. Oh well.
Pretty much been said, but each size has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Although NOTHING beats a massive crowd of likeminded MTBers about to hit the trails.....

Bring on Wales I say....   ;D

The bloke complaining was probably a weekend warrior with no friends.
I think that in Wales we may have to split in to groups like we did before other wise 38+ riders on the same bit of trail will reduce the flow greatly....
Up to about 12 I think it is fine.  When you get up to 20 it is ridiculous though and doesn't work for me, especially on naturally stop start stuff
+1 to what Andy said.

Last year I rode quite a bit on my own when SDW training as I wanted to get the miles in, but it made me appreciated the company and banter on the Sketchy rides much more.

Note to self: Andy has never invited me on a ride so I must not be fast or Gnar enough :Smile
"UphillDownDale" Wrote:Note to self: Andy has never invited me on a ride so I must not be fast or Gnar enough :Smile

or you are TOO gnar Wink!!!!!
Up to about 6 is fine, anymore and it does my head in with all the stopping/mechanicals.

Andy did sum it up well though, which is rare for him..

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