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Bike Addiction
ok ive just rounded up all the recipts for bike stuff ive spent money on and im shocked :o

it plays out somethiung like this :
Carrera Vulcan : £350
Camelbak (still need a bigger one) : £25
Saddle Bag : £15
Helmet : £28
New Grips : £7
High Roller : £18
Advantage : £15
Cycling Shorts : £15 and £28
Knee/Shin Guards : £20
Cycling Fleece : £15
Base Layer T Shirt : £10
Various Train Fares : £70 !
Carrera Banshee : £420
Cycling Gloves : £20

A Whooping total of £1096  in 4-5 months  :o worth every penny of it though of course  Big Grin
Ever since i started riding seriously december ish i have lost 1 stone and improved on my fitness quite a bit,  and all my mates now complain that i always talk about bikes/ think about bikes  :B
I do not want to add mine up but i should think it would be somewhere near the region of 3k
Please make sure no gf/wives see this thread :o

[scurries off to find calculator]
I added up my CRC online account before and had to go make a cup of tea and sit back for a while recovering
Just in the last two weeks its got to be over £400... But i don't plan on spending for a while. And it is worth every penny. Far better to use your bike 3 -4 times a week and at the end of the year work out what it cost you per ride. Probably a lot less than a night out in the pub for each ride you had. Plus it is healthy and keeps you fit so the physical benefit and the years you are adding on your life have to be taken into consideration.

Our washing machine just broke, but i can wash clothes by going to a launderette, when my bike breaks i have the parts on order within hours to ensure i am back in the saddle ASAP... I love biking and i f@cking hate washing machines...
did your washing machine break due to the amount of filthy muddy bike clothes you put in it? I have hosed my clothes down after the wed night rides recently, such was the caking of mud on my trousers.
Keep it foolish...
I have no washing machine at the moment so use my parents. I was there for sunday dinner before with the washing on which was making a rather dodgy noise a lot of the time

Suffice to say my wireless cateye speedo which I had left in my shorts pocket still works faultlessly, must have good seals!  Big Grin
I added everything up about a year ago and it was £2800 then, so i don't even want to think what it must be now :o  As said already it's worth every penny though, especially when i think what my state of health would have been if i haden't re discovered biking. I'm guessing 20st+ and heart attack just round the corner!
I'm not going to add mine up...

What i do know is that i love riding my bike and i go to places and do things and meet people that i would not if i didn't ride...

And i have spent more on beer than bikes... which is scary
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
With my 2 bikes I'm looking at 2.5k easy... But that's in nearly 5 years...
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o

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