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Worth going 10mm Bolt thru on QR drop outs?
Bit bored and came across/discovered this from a random thread..

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Is it worth doing on the Heckler? Will I really notice the extra stiffness? Pretty cheap and the rear wheel rarely comes off....
Only do it if you get ghost shifting under cornering, thats why I did it on my Butcher which was a bit flexy back there and it stopped it happening as much. I used the Hope axle but with a superstar 10mm qr so best of both worlds
Ghost shifting? As obvious as it sounds?
Ah I see... Ive not noticed anything yet... The superstar QRs are nice, and like you say, best of both worlds...

Just looked at a fitting quid for the conversion and it looks a huge faff. I start swearing when I realise I have to take a cassette off.  >Sad
&quot;BennyP&quot; Wrote:Ghost shifting? As obvious as it sounds?

Yep, literally when your bike shifts gear without you telling it to do so Smile
To answer the initial question I think you probably will. I converted my Rift Zone & noticed straight away... I didnt have ghost shifting either.
No i doubt your notice unless you anal about things like breezer  Wink

I run QR on my butcher and its fine, a bit of flex can be a good thing. When i converted my old 2008 meta 5 from qr to maxle i couldnt really tell the difference.
Your response to my comment makes no sense. Yes our bikes were similar but I experienced ghost shifting occasionally on rough corners which reduced when I fitted the aforementioned kit. I was not being anal in anyway. I know how to set gears up (and never have inners snap). The same drive train has no issues on a different frame nor have I had the issue before nor was it the reason I sold the frame as it was only a minor niggle. The fact you dont get it means you either ride smoother or slower, I will let you answer that one.

To repeat my earlier point, dont bother with it if you cant feel any flex and you gears are fine. If you think removing the cassette is tedious then dont go anywhere near the axle. Even with the proper tools its still a right 'kin PITA to refit the bearings etc. Do it with a hammer and a socket and good chance you will kill the bearings.
Maybe your extra ballast causing extra flex? Wink
I thought ghost shifting was to do with outer casing length and compression  Undecided

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