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Yeah, he'd be head down & spread all over the road Big Grin Big Grin :X
If you are going hybrid you may as well go another logical step and get a 29er hardtail. Essentially the same thing but up to a good trashing on your days off too.

Maybe a Singular Swift with rigid forks. A thing of beauty.

Big +1 here for slicked ht.

I run my scandal SS with a carbon fork & its fantastic for my 11 miles each way trip to work.  The bike is nice and light & can hop up here and there when needed and survives the lumpy roads quite happily.  When running slicks in the summer it can still be bashed about off road or just swap the wheels it tyres over during winter or more rugged conditions.

It's no real hassle to swap between a rigid and suspension fork, just have the same size front rotor for both.  It may seem overkill having a 180mm on a commuter but means much less faff.

Better yet if you an old tatty pair of wheels you can just keep them slicked for when your commuting & put your normal wheels on for fun.

Now the downside to this is the lack of full mud guards.   That said though I use an old front & rear crux set with a little mucky nuts type affair which does for me.  Rack mounts aren't so much of a problem as you can get racks that come off of the sestpost and even if you do get wet or a sweaty back you can always use the aforementioned showers Wink
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
"Blackers" Wrote:If you are going hybrid you may as well go another logical step and get a 29er hardtail. Essentially the same thing but up to a good trashing on your days off too.

Maybe a Singular Swift with rigid forks. A thing of beauty.


Imho that is an ugly, ugly bike!

I'd go commuter - realistically its unlikely a ht will get much offroad use when its a choice between a very nice fs or a lower specced ht that'll take half an hour to convert
Russ did say he wanted a HT though, so would make financial sense to get a HT and swap bits over for when you want to use it off road. I mean it only takes minuets to change tyres.
I do all my road riding with mud x's, cba to change them, just lock the Spark out f+r, job done
If your using a second set ot wheels with slicks it only takes a couple of minutes to swap them over and not much longer to swap tyres if not.  With a lock out front fork and use it locked on road and not when going off road, it doesn't have to be a chore at all.

Before getting the Scandal I thought long and hard about what to go for and have to say the personally I'd much rather have a HT as it gives me far more options then just having a commuter or even more so a racer.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
I've been communting by bike for two years now, everyday.  I have two bikes, the first is my lovely ht, which is fine for commuting, even with 2.1 wtb woverine's.  It's really fine. But trust me when the gritters come out in the winter you will knacker your brakes / gearing in days.

The second bike is a Carrera Vituoso, the black and red one, with the tiagra gearing, drop bars.  A cheap no frills road bike. After an accident I got rid of the outer big ring and run it as a 1x9, and it is pretty good, I put Swable Marathon Plus tryes on it and a full set of guards.

I road the Carrera all last winter, in the snow everything, it was fine.  Control in the traffic around Canterbury is really not that much of an issue, it's obviouly different from the HT, but not bad different.

A HT with slicks would be VERY dicey in the icy snow as you would lock up your front brake SO EASILY, the slightly rubbish stoping power of canti brakes does have that advantage.

The most important thing is to go try all types of bike.  

For what it's worth, if I could have ANY commuter bike, and not need it for other things, I would get one of these:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -01-alfine</a><!-- m -->

Perfect bike for commuting, steel framed, hub gearing, mudguard mounts (Abosolutely VITAL),  disk brakes. Virtually maintenance free riding. Plus since it's a cross bike it's good off road too!

or one of these, which they do as a flat bar if you don't get on with drops.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ine_versa_</a><!-- m -->

If you can have a different bike for everything then GO FOR IT!

My pence worth anyway.
Hey my first post for months!
If commuting through the city, I would go for the Hybrid. Much more practical than a full on roadie with drops  and easier to stop with (unless the roadie has bars with repeat leavers on the flat part at the top) and you can weave around the traffic and mount curbs much easier!. Riding position on the hybrid wont be that different to full roadie anyway, as unless you are really going for it, or fighting against wind, I think most of us ride our roadies on the hoods most of the time anyway  Undecided
Can we please draw a line under all this twaddle about a HT with spare wheels that can be easily changed.......

Under the first law where the perfect number of bikes = n+1, we are demonstrating far too much concern for real world issues such as money & storage space.

Worded carefully (preferably from a distance) this is the perfect oppertunity to table a proposition for 3 new bikes ;D

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