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Rose Bikes
I am looking at new frames for the spring. I have realised Rose Bikes are bl00dy good value. I am looking at the Uncle Jimbo for £2200 plus delivery from ze Germans. Fox RP23 Kashima and fox 36 talas with xt bits. Any one ridden one? Any one got comments? I did want to get frame only and build up cause that's part of the fun but this seems a real deal.
IMB tested a "Jabba" (I think) in issue 10 - Here

Wait for Mbnut to pop up with his twopenneth as soon as he sees this thread.
I seem to recall lots of positivity & they are bloody good value.
I sent email to rose asking for quote for Uncle Jimbo frame, in large, RP23 Kashima, £1200 inclusive of del, 2 week turnaround. Not bad for a 160mm frame! I am tempted. I love the name. And I think its anodised, if that's a good thing?
Ummm...  just spent a good half hour writing about this bike and pressed F5 which is my short cut key for the degree sign in Word and 'BANG'..... post gone.....   boy the air is blue now!!

Ok so a slightly less detailed post....

Not sure what you are running now but make sure it's a large you want, dimensions are pretty normal so you should be able to match it up no worries.

Firstly i'll explain a bit about the geometry and suspension so that you have an idea how it'll ride.

Geometry wise the angles are pretty neutrel, a 67 degree HA and 73degree SA are pretty much ok, the HA is perhaps a touch step with most bike companies running thier 140/150mm bikes around 67degrees and thier 160mm bikes about 66degrees. This shouldn't present any real problems for UK riding and for trips somewhere steeper you can always pop in a set of offset shock mounts that'll slacken the bike out and drop the BB. The BB height has dropped a little over last years model so should make the bike feel stable.

As for the suspension this is a pretty neutrel system that'll give predictable performance, you will be able to pedal through rough stuff without too much kickback and traction will be good. It is a similar system to a Spicy or Helius AM but is a little less dynamic and is not as efficient pedalling wise.

So, overall, handling wise it will be a comfortable neutrel machine rather than a dynamic all out blatter.

Frame weight is in the right ball park and ano black should look good if a little understated, maybe a few flashs of green will pep it up a bit.

As for buying it frame only....

Fox fork         900
DT wheels      300
Brakes           300
XTR+ mech     150

So that is £1650 of kit in just 4 items....   buy the bike and you will be able to sell what you don't want and will make your money back or better.

I would say the bike is a bargain and would suit you...   I am off to have a good butchers around thier site now as they seem to have some great stuff if you m,ove fast enough to get in before it sells out...  give me a shout mate if you want to go through any of the above....
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I got a reverb for £137  Tongue, I have bought a few things from them and they have been very good and cheap too.
Wow, thanks for comprehensive reply. I was expecting an ok or similar. Neutral is good, right? I have done a spreadsheet of all frames I liked and geometry of the rose is in the right ball park. I played on the website and configured it with Kashima fox stuff, xt, easton, sun charger wheels, £2300 for £200 more could get mavic crossmax sx wheels. Seriously tempted
Here is a review, it needs translating in your browser
Good reveiw if hard work via an iffy translator.

Stu I think you would like this bike, there are better incarnations of the basic design but they tend to cost as much for the frame as this does for the whole bike well specced.

Main possible issue will be the low pedalling efficienty which as stated in the reveiw posted should be overcome with propedal, I rarely tend to run propedal and if I do only at a low level as one of the benefits of the system is high levels of traction so it would be a shame to propedal out the traction if that makes sense.

Did you look at the Chumba Evo frame....  looks interesting and good value, a DW link design so quite different to the Rose.

Also the Titus El Gaupo is only £799 from On One with shock and is a cracking bike that is a steal at that price... oh and its name translates into 'The Handsome One'     Wink
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Its worth checking the mtbr Chumba forum before buying considering a Chumba. Major problems with the Evo i believe. Eithet way they seem to be a bunch of muppets at Chumba.
Yes some hilarious threads on there from when I was looking into them....

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