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'12 Giant Reign 2 or '12  Trek Remedy 7
Looking for some opinions on my next bike buy, I’ve got the choices down to these two '12 Giant Reign 2 or '12  Trek Remedy 7  (just about)

im looking to sped around 2k ish and looking for something a little more aggressive that a XC full susser hence the two bikes ive ended up with.

both look really good bar a few goodies here and there i don’t see much in it. Obviously read lots of forum posts from Fans of both manufacurer just need to make my mind up now.

PS this purchase will be replacing my Trek hard tail as I struggled on it last year in wales lol so wanting something a little more suitable for the DH side of things and something that will also climb relatively easily, again both seem to fit into this nicely ish ;0)

Thanks in advance
If you like to get value for money the Canyon Nerve AM is worth a look, though you wont get a test ride very easily. Thats about as much as I can offer as I got dizzy with bikes over 140mm travel  Smile
Brilliant thanks blackers ;0) another one to add to the mix. i think ive set my heart on the Trek or Giant at the mo but never hurts to add some new ideas into the mix.

I must admit im finding it hard to find places where i can test a wide variety of bikes. i think i need to get out and test ride some now really and try to make my mind up. Shame there arent any trail centers in kent where they actually let you test ride bikes without putting down a 2k deposit lol
much of a muchness between the two really. I would speak to a few shops and go with whoever will swap bits out for me in the included price.

I would want the shop to bin the triple chainset in favour of 1x9 or 1x10 (depending on each bike) and chain device (Giant doesnt have ISCG I think!). The chances are that they will both need suitable bars and stems too.

Think I would plump for the Trek assuming I could have the choice of each built up as I wanted it.
cheers sailor, come good advice there and a few things i hadnt considered asking for.

I think im leaning towards the Trek also, just a little better spec'd out the box. i think at the end of the day i really need to go and try both out and see what is best suited to my riding style.
I've had my Trek Remedy 7 for a month now and love it.  I can't profess to know a huge amount about bikes, but my mate rides a Remedy as well and he also raves about it.  He's got 20 years biking under his belt.  It's not too weighty either, which was a concern for me being a girl.    
I have a trek & a canyon, love the trek but the canyon is really really well built & finished, a steal for the money.
Cheers guys ;0) mmmmm decissions decissions 8)
"dgw15" Wrote:I have a trek & a canyon, love the trek but the canyon is really really well built & finished, a steal for the money.

Canyons are so well specced it becomes a real issue. If that kit was bolted to a Trek, Giant, Specialized etc they would asking for at least 50% more.

I would also be looking at 2011 models as they are bound to be better specced and cheaper than the 2012 models.
I also looked at Canyon, but I think the lack of dealers near me put me off.  That and the "gentle coercion" from thebaron38 and Treehugger with regards to the Remedy made my mind up for me Wink

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