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Used Lyrik/ Fox 36 buying advice
Looking to pick up some of the above. I have heard the most praise about lyriks and in particular for both makes - coils (vanilla).

Is there any models to avoid, years to avoid?

Massively impressed with my air pikes that I have never serviced and never had any problems with - ok they could probably do with a service now.... Wink

wanting to spend around 300!
i use 140mm rs reverlation (dont quote me on spelling), 2009 model i think - they have maxle, air not coil and are maintenance free, I can get full travel as well , which is nice
Are you riding blean on Saturday mate? I have lyrics (air ones) and your more than welcome to give the bike a go?
Bit 50:50 at the mo mate, but if I do that would be ace.

I keep looking at the weather forecast and thinking about how my fingers felt last night...  :'(
Ok mate we'll see how things play out.

I'm sure it won't be that cold.....
you should get something of 2010 vintage for £300. I liked the Solo Airs when I had them although they were the only forks I have had to send back for warranty. Fox 36's dont have the grip over the small stuff that the Rock Shox do but when it gets proper rough they really start to work well.
Avoid anything with travel adjust.
I assume this is for the heckler? I would buy air forks, coils are heavy, harder to set up properly and will just be unnecessary overkill. With a heckler frame I would be aiming to keep the bike light and playful, its never going to keep up with a DH bike so why burden yourself with the extra weight.
Far as I know both make haven’t had any problems from what year they are I know people say this of Marzzochi . Personally I avoid u-turn as it always seems to brake on any iv owned and I never use it, also it adds weight. Both are great forks from what im told and with it on a budget would probably just get what comes along.
i got some lyric solo airs and they are lovely forks would recommend them.
Cheers for the wise words chaps! I will keep my eyes peeled - I've just landed myself 300 quids worth of evening tutoring over 4 days so that should pay for them nicely!  Smile

Was semi worried about weight, I guess the air would be better and keep it a bike that would quite happily pedal around surrey etc. The aim is to get a lightweight FS trail bike anyway... But yes I think with a set or airs, flows and additional stuff like chain guide, bigger discs and heavier tyres I should be able to get it between 14.5-15kgs. Not really too fussed about weights, I think it's the geek in me that likes the numbers - I def do not have the weights in a spreadsheet...  :Smile
Oooo just had a play with the geo calc fingymabob...

The pikes I run now slacken it off a bit from standard fox's but with some fox/lyriks should be seeing 1.6 degrees knocked off!

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