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Owning 4 cats & then finding mice in the loft

Something else to add to the "Todo" list  Big Grin Big Grin

Can anybody recommend me a humane "mice, get rid of er". One of the sonic ones or similar. Dont particularly want to trap or kill the beasties, they have a hard enough time as it is in this weather, just dont want them eating thro my wires
I think if you owned mice but had a cat infestation that would be ironic.  Big Grin
Put the cats in the attic Undecided

When we had mice in attic I put a few traps up there & visited regulary to shift boxes around abit.
They seemed to get fed up with the disturbance & moved to the garden where they met the cats ??)
Get one of them humane cage things that catches them - put some food in there to keep them alive then you can release them back into the wild or just drown them in a bucket of water - your choice!
Peanut butter proved the best in some humane traps at work
If you know someone with ferrets ask for some old bedding. Stick in some of your misses old tights and place it about your loft. Also works with rats and squirrels
I'm sure you're a resourceful guy, i made a humane trap, it was fun.

I made something very like the top left 'topple bottle' trap. My support frame was made of a cardboard box and it caught a mouse on it's second night of use. I took the mouse's picture and let it go.

Keep it foolish...
They breed constantly, im sorry but you may find the only way is a more permanent solution.... Peanut butter is lke crack to them, cant get enough.

We had problems in our attic in previous house, turned out old bloke next door didnt much care for hygeine and we caught over 40 before pest control eventually sorted next door out.

Makes me itch thinking about it.....
How about adapting that great 70s game 'mousetrap' to actually be a proper mousetrap!

Always thinking me!
I was thinking along the lines of these things

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