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Driveway help Gas Service pipe needs moving.
So still sorting/decorating my first house, so learning as i go.

Id like to get my driveway widened but we have a gas service pipe in the way, obviously we would have to get the gas co in to do this, if i can id like to do the digging myself. I want it wider as I want to be able to comfortably get 2 cars on the drive. The reason its never been done before is that the gas service pipe runs down the step at about 30cm deep, not deep enough if i want to flatten the step and relay over it.

Anyone have any ideas as to how much they will rape me for or how i go about it? its not going to be done till the summer so i need to try and get a ball park figure to save. If its far to much im tempted to just remove the part of the step up to the pipe as this would help alot.

Pics so you get an idea.



See its a bit tight with 2 small cars and im going to be changing mine for a bigger one soon:


Obviously I cant help, but just wanted to say lovely looking house!  ;D
How is it ok for a mod to use a word like rape but swear words are not allowed? I find your aforementioned word far more offensive

No idea on costs to answer your question, probably a lot and no doubt they wont let you do any of the work due to health and safety concerns
Surely just removing that portion of step will make a fair difference? Nice looking house btw
I'll ask at work here for you Russ.

Nice looking house btw. Tongue
Ok. just spoke to a director here....

The gas pipe move is down to your gas service provider only, he says they will charge you a fortune, and only sub the work out anyway.

His advice:

1: Get them out to advise where the pipe is (although looks like you have a good idea)
2: Do all the groundwork yourself.
3: Get the gas provider to move the pipe and reconnect
4: Finish the groundwork yourself.

This will reduce the labout times hopefully.

Although, you will have to get them out anyway, its perhaps getting an idea for them to do the lot anyway.

Shame your door's not on the other side, you couldve raised the rest of the drive up to level it.
That could still be done you'd just have a step down to the porch but then may have flood issues etc.
We will all just be guessing, speak to the utility company, but expect it to be expensive, think it was a couple of grand for a new installation when I had my house built.
What I can tell you is BT wanted £800 to move an existing phone line and the council wanted £1500 to put in a drop kerb, gas is more work therefore more expensive.
just an idea but .........

My boss has that, car's on a carousel.... flash "so and so" he is...  Wink

Dont think steps down to door are a good idea, would spoil look of house imho.

Another option, simply extend the width of the path to 1 cars width (and a bit spare for getting in and out) with small retaining wall.

Cars would be parked on 2 levels, but no messing with doorway required, and pipes!

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