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Best £700 XC/Trail riding hardtail MTB?
Any opinions on what the best bang for your buck £700 XC/Trail hardtail MTB is?

I've seen a Whyte 801 in the LBS which looks quite tasty, but I've been out of the bike buying scene for too long to know what's what these days.

Help! Undecided
a second hand one
[quote="]a second hand one[/quote"]

Yeah, not having much luck with that at the moment.
Carrera and Boardman and Voodoo at Halfords. And Canyon bikes online.
All of which would together give a wide selection i think. Sadly you wont get a test ride of any of these but reviews online and in mags are plentiful.
Also think about building something up. Get a 2nd hand frame and go bargain hunting for forks etc.
I kind of have a soft spot for Voodoo from when they first came to these shores, but got put off when it became a Halfords only brand. I know it's pathetic, but I think I would just throw it in the nearest canal the first time some one said, "oh look, he's riding one of those Halford bikes".  Big Grin

Brand snobbery at it's ugliest, I know.

I'm weak.  :'(
"SnappyJon" Wrote:Yeah, not having much luck with that at the moment.

What size?
I'm 5'10, so looking for 17" to 19" (depending on frame design of course).
Wasn't mashley selling his for 800 ? if so that would be perfect
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I'm biased (owning one of these), but fun handling, tough and well specced at a sensible price, replace the bits that break as and when necessary. Or something similar, local pickup gives the opportunity to view if you mail the seller and agree in advance. I bought my gf's bike on ebay, utter bargain. Here's another decent looking bike.

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Keep it foolish...
forget what I wrote above, buy Mashley's.
Keep it foolish...

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