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Stuck bolt on bottom of fork leg
Morning All

I've just been reassembling my fork after a service and oil change and the bolt on the right hand leg has stuck and is just spinning round so wont do up  :o

It was a bit of a struggle getting it off but did eventually come, I put this down to having been a while since it was last serviced  :B  I was very careful not to cross thread it as I went to put it back on but it appears to be stuck on the thread and both just spin round.  I cant even back the blasted thing off.

Help  Undecided

Pretty please  Wink
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What fork?

Is it a bolt that goes into the fork leg or a nut that goes onto an exposed thread?

Is there resistance on the "bolt" as it turns or does it turn freely?

If there's resistance be very careful........ it maybe cross threaded & likely to strip the thread.  Then you're looking at cutting it or drilling it Sad

If it turns freely it could be that the bolt goes into the damper rod & the whole rod is just spinning.
Try compressing the fork as far as poss & trying again.  Might not work if it's an air fork, depends on internals.

You should be able to find details of the fork online along with exploded diagrams.
Always with the details lol  Wink

The fork is an 06 Float 130R & its the bolt that goes onto the threaded rod with the crush washer at the bottom of the leg.

It isn't stiff, the whole assembly spins when I turn it in either direction.  I'll try compressing it and seeing if I can get any purchase on it that way when I get back in from work tonight.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Is it a new crush washer? Have had trouble reusing old ones on occasion
Float RH leg - isn't that the threshold adjuster?
Be sure you're not just winding the adjuster round & round.  Unlikely but.......

IIRC you have to engage the air shaft assy into the lower, but that should be located if the thread is pushed through.
I think you have to extend the air shaft manually before installation though...... Undecided

If the shaft isn't engaged then gently compressing the fork & gently rotating the nut my locate it - be gentle though.

Have a google
Not un-common. Can you grip the thread with a pair of long nose pliers to get you going or try leveling between the base of the fork & the nut itself. Adding pressure here sometimes pulls the assmebly up tight enough to allow you to turn the nut
Ah ha victory is mine!  

I let the air out and then with the fork upside down pushed down on the crown with my foot and managed to free the bolt.  After removing the rod I cleaned round the thread on both parts with a wire brush then wound the bolt on & off several times to make sure it was staying true before refitting everything.

Interestingly I now seem to have 140mm of travel instead of 130  Undecided

Now all I have to do is finish sorting the gears & bleeding brakes then I can get back out riding again.

Cheers for advice y'all  Smile
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been

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