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Bargain Trek MTB's
Since recently getting the bug I've found I'm constantly looking at potential upgrades for next year but a new bike is just sooooo expensive.

I've pretty much got my heart set on a Whyte 901 next year, as I've set my budget at around £1000 but I have discovered this site which is regularly updated with Ex Demo Trek bikes and could be worth keeping an eye on.

I check back every now and then and right now there are some absolute bargains that could tempt me away from that Whyte if I was in the position to buy right now...

Such as a 2014 Trek Fuel EX 5 for £975 or for those with deeper pockets who're into downhill how about a Session 9.9 knocked down from £7000 to £3560?

Well worth checking back to this site periodically as the stock changes a hell of a lot.

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Woah! Some heavy deals there. Good find man.

What's drawing you to the Whyte 901? That head angle is seriously slack, I used to ride a 456 Summer Season (similarly slack angled hardtail) and it's only fun when you're utterly hammering it. I hammer about as hard as a marshmallow so I sold it on (and built a 6" full sus - obviously)
Keep it foolish...
Probably drawn to the Whyte for all the wrong reasons to be honest. Cos I'm not very technically minded.

My budget is about a grand to stay within cycle to work (although I'm watching the thread here
on that carefully and will see how it turns out with my current scheme)

I figured for a grand I could get a whole lotta hardtail or not-a-lotta full suss.

There's 2 dealers in Hastings that do cycle to work... One is a Trek dealer and one is a Whyte distributer

The reviews I've read about the 901 have all been glowing.

I don't fully understand the up & downsides of that Slack Head Angle (not even sure what it means) but I think it looks really nice and all the reviews rave about geometry ... So I thought that'd be a good thing.

And ... It's a pretty bike lol
Not as steep discounts but Whyte have demo sales too:
Cool, if you've a dealer nearby then I'm sure you can get out on it and give it a good razzing about. Nothing like a test ride to make you want a new bike even more Wink
Keep it foolish...
Yeah, very true.

Just been to the Trek dealer (Handsome Bicycles) to get deralier hanger straightened and get some new brake pads, was talking about the Ex Demo Treks, the guy there said "we can get that Fuel for you" ... I said I thought they wouldn't do it on R2W but they said they could... They also have a dealer specific site called scratch & dent which is also well worth enquiring about as they knock hundreds of pounds off for the most trivial of scratches.
WvH Wrote:Not as steep discounts but Whyte have demo sales too:

Cheers WvH I'll keep an eye on that one too.
Good find on the ex demos, would also think your in safe hands buying from trek.
As people have said lots of companies do this, I sorted a Marin out for a friend a few years back getting the bike for half the RRP this one came through looking almost new.
As people have said if you can demo do, think about everywhere your going to ride it, and what type of riding you want to do on it, as to what type of bike to go for. There's a whole world of choice out there and what is good for one thing can be hard work at another.
Those two Trek Fuel's are bargains! One is 26 and one is 29, so i'd try and get a test ride on both and see which you prefer.
Yeah they look great! I won't be going for either as I'm currently still paying off my current bike on Ride to Work so I won't be looking to buy until May '15 at the earliest, but good to keep an eye on it.

Had a good chat with the guys in Handsome Bikes yesterday and they agree that a 650b would be best for my purposes, and they said all Fuels can be made 26", 650b or 29er so it wouldn't be a problem to convert one for me.

Definately gonna try before I buy if I can but not until closer to the time when I'm in a position to buy.

Also that link that WvH posted is the Whyte distributor that's ¾mile from my house. I hear they have a lot more in store than advertised and reserve special discounts for local people, but are only interested if you're ready to buy there and then. There's a 905 advertised in that link which could be in reach but you never know ... If a T-130 within my price range comes up in May next year I could be tempted back away from the Treks. I must admit I did have a little envy when I saw P5ym0n's T-129 last week.

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