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So what lights are you racing guys going to be using for your virgin 24hr in Plymouth 8)
I'm gonna take 2 x Fenix P3D's and 1 x Airbike SL1  should give me a total of 8) 1,130 lumens! 8)
2x Helmet Mounted Fenix L2D + Niteflux Photon MAX  = 1160 Lumens.  8) 8)

(although will be running the Niteflux on Medium for extra longevity)
"BMJBOY" Wrote:(although will be running the Niteflux on Medium for extra longevity)

I find a Nitefux tends to send me to sleep... It's pretty common though and in the interests of being a modern kind of guy I do at least *** Deleted...
Keep it foolish...
I have a home made light that is as bright as you'll ever need which can be used with a helmet torch and i also have access to a set of exposure lights (bar / helmet combo) so i'll probably use those and someone else is welcome to the other set.
I have a flashy cat eye and flashy rear  cat eye.

Guys - Anyone advise on the best place to source Fenix L2D(?) AA powered torches from?

I need 5.

Ive advised a mate to run 4 (2 on bars, 2 on helmet) as he has no lights for the enduro yet, and I want another one for my helmet.

Any suggestions?
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Edit: Hmm would appear they have stopped selling them. Try <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->
Just to keep the thread warm, my second Fenix L2D should be here shortly - so thats 2 for my helmet and the Niteflux on the bike.

Now to ensure Ive got the right batteries to last long enough as those Tescos ones Ive tried couldnt power anything!
I'm using my normal Blackburn X8's and my very bright headtorch.. Must rememeber batteries though
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o

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