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Crap 'mountain' Bikes
"alkali" Wrote:ceiling cat always has his eye on you, young man.
Big Grin no doubt you have met ceiling cats worse nightmare......


head dog !!!!
Thats not Steve Peat, its Rob Warner!!

Anyway, heres another quality bike for sale
Maybe we should club together to buy one and give it a thorough test at Afan or somewhere and then send the bits back to the manufacturer :o
Would make for a funny youtube vid.  Especially the bit when it finally breaks and the rider (well, volunteered Breezer Wink ) lays down for a moment :'(
It would probably fall apart putting it in the car  Big Grin
"Breezer" Wrote:Thats not Steve Peat, its Rob Warner!!

Anyway, heres another quality bike for sale

:o bloody hell its a blast from the past, i had/ still have one of them but a rebranded one  :Smile, im sure i could lend you my pride and joy piece of crap one time, better still when i ride with some of you lot you can ride it  Tongue maybe then i can keep up  
lol thinking about it, my Dad does as well but branded Saracen I think  Big Grin

He was moaning that it was quite heavy to ride, I picked it up (just) and it must have been over 40lb's with its quality pogo stick rear suspension with no rebound damping. He bought it cheap second hand although no excuse as I told him to just buy some old rigid or HT mountain bike and put slicks on it
oh lol I sent my link to a friend that wants a new bike. I knew he wasnt an expert but I thought he had some idea but clearly I was wrong...!


looks heavy and unsophisticated.... tell me more!
(me) Is that a serious question?
i hope you are taking the p1ss cos i am none the wiser

Tempted to let him buy it as punishment for being stupid. LOL
Big Grin the bike falls apart just by touching it, some ar*e ran me off the road when i was riding it wasent that bumpy snapped the rear axle in half and sent me straight over the bars >Sad

i should of thanked him really as then i got the vulcan  Big Grin
looks like the sort of bike I would of brought myself had I not found this forum  :B
Most of us have been there/done that Alan.  I had a Sarecen full-susser. :B  Cost about £300, IIRC.   PILE OF CRAP!!!!  I then left the missus and bought a £1,300 Marin with the profit from a house sale Tongue

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