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new lights
Hello peeps after a total light failure and for being a bad husband and leaving her stranded in the dark on thursday night ride at the Mercy of the gananawopper :B , in a dilemma as Laura’s lights have gone caput. She has a joystick (not the type you keep in your squirrel covers) that’s gone back under warranty for a helmet light, but is after a bar mount light. At the mo the two contenders are hope R4 or the exposure maxx d. please please please will you Jim il fix it for me to make a dissension.
As a cheaper option I can highly recommend the Smudge XML Light.  I find it a very good light for both commuting and for off roading, it holds a charge well and hasnt left me wanting for more light when I'm out on the trails.


You could also consider emailing light building/fixer extraodinaire Trout about repairing your existing light Wink
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
I'm more than happy with my one of these: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... J-872-LSET</a><!-- m -->

Bit more expensive than the one above though.  
See I like the Exposure but I also like the Hopes " Theres only one way to find out" !!!!!!!!
&quot;Avril19&quot; Wrote:I'm more than happy with my one of these: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... J-872-LSET</a><!-- m -->

Bit more expensive than the one above though.  

Ive got this one

And it is brilliant! I would say it is more than adequate for riding any UK trails! Anything brighter is an advantage I guess Smile
IMHO both the Hope & the Maxx D are too bright.
If you're looking to go night riding why would you want to turn it into daytime Undecided

The MagicShine provide loads if light for riding & at a very sensible price.
The other cheaper options listed above look great too.
Thanks for all the feed back Laura is working late all week so have a bit of time to get it sorted. as for being too bright i find i can just ride faster when you can see futher Wink good point on cost though.will keep looking but think laura is thinking maxx-d as its all in one and no leads only down side is the spread of the beams not as good as the hopes, but seems better on all other counts Undecided
i use the dominator light  = love in a light!
I use a solitary Exposure Diablo for my night riding - very happy with it, love the simplicity.
Just started using a Four4th & seems to be very pleasing to the eye. As bright as the Hope, cheaper than the Hope, as good a quality as the Hope but with a much better cable connection than the Hope... My other light is a Hope 4  ;D  You're welcome to come have a look-see if you're passing by Lordswood anytime

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