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New Tyres
Chatting to a mate yesterday about the slippy slidey rides I've been having lately round Blean & Bedgebury and was talking about getting myself some Schwalbe Nobby Nics... He said he had some spare nobbly tyres lying around at home so brought them in for me to have... They're Tioga DH's...

Never heard of em but they look up to the job... Gonna give em a go round Bedgebury this afternoon:

The climbs up "Cardiac" & "Quarry" should be a good test as I've had a lot of lost traction offs on those hills lately.
Not sure if they will be any better TBH as i think they are dry downhill tyres, the DH standing for downhill. Tioga's generally aren't great IMO, the ones i had years ago were rubbish. I obviousely could be very wrong though, hope they are an improvement on what you got.
If your not having to deal with lots sticky/claggy mud (if you are the narrower Bontragger MudX or Maxxis Beavers would be better choice)these are a great buy for £20 a pair. They work great tubeless too,enabling them to be run nice and soft to give you a fighting chance with those pesky slippery winter roots .
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They were a massive improvement on the standard Bontragers which were a great summer tyre but in the mud and leaves just slid around, especially on harder climbs.

Today I flew past my mate on every slippery hill while he spun energy away. Then on some of the downhill bits I felt much more confident and my mate said he wouldn't have wanted to go any faster, yet he normally leaves me for dust.

I'm sure there's better out there, but these were free so I'll take em.

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