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Bedgebury Lap Time?
No.... not an invite to a mass Sketchy outing to Bedgebury.... but....

What time do you roughly complete 1 lap of Bedgebury in?

Reason Im asking its that for the Enduro, I would say that a personal laptime for Bedge should be 1hr or less.  As Bedgebury is roughly a 14km course a benchmark for fitness would be to complete the course in around 1hr.

From my previous data on GPS, I was currently doing 1:20 to 1:30 in (ha ha!) dry conditions in October.  So need to improve.

What's your best lap time? and do you think setting such a goal is useful for the Enduro?
Havent done a lap in anger there for well over a year and the only times I have are from the original layout, before they changed that last bit around. Its probably a slightly longer lap now as you do that bit of fire road twice despite the single track bit being quite a drag uphill but for reference, back when it was that way me and my friend would go and do 2 laps at ~47 minutes each and not flat out, no stopping though. Actually that had the old really dark woods bit which was flat/uphill as well so far longer than the fire road and "quality berm section" so <50 minutes would be an ok time for fun racing level stuff.

It was smooth back then so a time under 2 hours now is probably good  Big Grin  I expect with my lack of fitness these days I could probably do it in 1hr10 or less but to be honest, I struggle to do one lap as its just SO AWFUL
The only saved data I have is from April 2007 when I did a single lap on my Azonic, original layout with spooky woods, 52 minutes, 199bpm max, 181 average so not flat out, I average 194 ish at the Gorrick Races
Just thinking. Outright lap times for Bedgebury is not relevant for the Enduro as thats an endurance event, not an out and out race. How many laps can you do at the moment per visit? If its 1 then aim to do 1, take an hour break then do another 1 at the same speed. I guess building up to something like 2 moderate paced laps say 1hr15 or less going by your previous times, then take an hour break with some food etc then do another 2 laps at the same speed

Although 4 laps of bedgebury on the same day? You need to see a doctor if that appeals to you!  Big Grin
You're no doubt right that trying to get down to sub 1:??: time maybe not the way forward.

Just as a guage of what other people where doing, its a benchmark to look at.

If I recall those rides in October, they where wet/muddy rides as I came off on my last visit there and had the softest landing ever into a bush due to front end wiping out.

So 1:20ish in my book isnt too bad - although we did stop quite a bit, but that time is actual moving GPS, not including stops.

Typical me, I over analyse things, and its probably best that I just get out and ride and not concern myself over what training to do.

I do however think an endurance "day" of fun could be had at some location, you  do 10/20k, rest and repeat - would be good training for what to do and look after during the rest periods.

Currently after a ride, I dont do a great deal or warming down/stretching, and would probably stiffen up for the same again an hour or so later - Maybe learning how my body reacts to stop/starting would be a good test.
Bedgebury is just so awful, why do you want to go there heh. You are Tunbridge Wells? If you are making a day of it, why not go down to the downs, bit further but not massively. There is the signed XC loop in Friston Forest which is about 8 miles and its very up/down/up/down so you could start off doing a lap, have a break, another lap and then because you have the downs all around you, you can extend the lap as much as you want which for me would be far better than "ok today im going to try and do a third lap of Bedgebury"

Or along those lines, a ride on the downs taking in some singletrack etc in Friston, pause then do it backwards to spice it up a bit.

Also, probably not full open yet although most of its bridleway but don't forget about Bewl Water. Ok theres nothing tricky and about 1/4 is on the road but a number of hills. Its about 13 miles or so however one point is only about 2 road miles from Bedgebury so you could start there, do a lap of Bewl, have a break, ride to Bedgebury and do a lap then return.

Lots of options
Only problem with Bewl is that it's not open until Spring :Smile  And beware the hoards of families on matching Shockwave "Swiss Cheese" LX's :o
Yer but most of its bridleway, depends how law abiding you are.... I nearly died laughing last time I went there though as we parked at Lamberhurst and rode down and through the main entrance and the bloke at the ticket office thing said they were going to start charging cyclists who rode in to the car park, LOL? How stupid....anyway if you just ride straight on instead of turning left into the car park, you hit the start of the loop anyway!

Agree about the families but no worse than Bedgebury, go when its raining Smile
Don't put yourself through the torture of laps at Bedgrury, just do lots of really long rides. If you live close to the North Downs, why not make a day of it riding as far as you can go before collapsing and get the train home again. I believe the North Downs runs all the way to London, so if you plot a route all the way with bail out's to stations on the way, your goal could be to try and get closer and closed to London before bailing to a station.  I would like to do this too as i like endurance rides like the SDW we did last year.
Last year i got the train and rode the NDW from Chatham to Canterbury - think it was about 45 miles but felt like much longer in pouring rain and horrendous mud.  I'll do it again this year as it was mostly offroad and was a nice day out.  If anyone wants to join me they are welcome!

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