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Alkali's Monthly Photo Competition
As it says above, each month a new theme will be announced and you, my little snappy bretheren, must race to furnish me with joyous pictures, whether they be snaps from your iPhone or carefully posed art-fartery from the finest DSLR. But beware, voting will be by a randomly selected panel (changing monthly) of your Sketchy peers, I will remain the only regular judge (The Judge Who Won't Budge) and that's really just so I can feel a little bit important.

Pics will be judged on a cunning combo of:

Artistic merit
Use of light and shade
Subject material
Other stuff what looks nice


Use any camera you like
Subject does not need to be bike related
Photos must be taken within the past month, don't submit a pic from last year just 'cos it fits the theme
Keep chat to a minimum in the thread

It's interesting to know what camera you used to create a picture, likewise any photoshoppery that took place, so if you did something special tell us about it. Nothing is outside of the rules, whether it's a raw pic, an app on your phone or a full-blown photoshop rework, but remember we're looking for pretty pictures that interpret the theme well. There's no prizes, but prepare to bask in the adoration of the Sketchy Massive below.


Theme for APRIL 2012 - Man Machine (inspired by recently posted pics, Si's little lad on his balance bike and Jimmy Reload's jumping silhouette shot)
Keep it foolish...
Great idea mike, I'm definitely going to have a play
EDIT: Photo got moved and gonna be hard to track down.
A bump for this thread. An iphone pic, adjusted in for increased colour and contrast. Pouring with rain, a grim La Manche coastline and an 8 stone girl with a 2m kite. No men, and a very simple machine, come on, who's playing?

Keep it foolish...
Im still game, just need time to go and get pic that I have in mind, cool pic mike, nice empty beach too
So im a bit short of time at the minute but wanted to post something, its stretching the theme a bit in some ways but in others its not, your opening pic was of a very old "man machine" in the form of an old camera, so i figured another old man machine was in order in the form of the lower class mode of transport


Took the pic of sisters horse, in CS5 dup later, desaturate, invert, gaussian blue, levels adjustment to darken slightly.
"alkali" Wrote:A bump for this thread. An iphone pic, adjusted in for increased colour and contrast. Pouring with rain, a grim La Manche coastline and an 8 stone girl with a 2m kite. No men, and a very simple machine, come on, who's playing?


Is there a texture later on this one, top left sky looks either grain or a texture layer, nice
used 'instamatic' function on iphone, it makes things grainy and old looking. I wanted to make the towerblock / low rise behind it look a bit zombie apocalypse. Love the horse.
Keep it foolish...
*** 1st Month Winner Announcement Update ***

Well, that was the end of the first month and I think we can all agree that was a resounding success. The thread was inundated with amazing pics, making the task of choosing a winner from the plethora of entries tougher than a T-Rex doing press-ups. Fortunately for Si.Ozzy, all of the other incredible shots were deleted, leaving just his delightful horse image. So he won.

I thought this would have been more popular as there's a handful of fancy camera owners on here and virtually everyone has a phonecam. Maybe a better prize is required. Last month's theme of Man Machine came from a Kraftwerk album, this month is Si.Ozzy's choice (as he was the winner) so let's see if we can whap some nice pics up for him.
Keep it foolish...
I could offer an old dirt magazine up as a prize. Winner would have to pay the postage though. Also, I don't actually know where my nearest post office is. I retract the offer. I'll re-offer an old dirt mag when I discover a post office to post it from.

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