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Riding photos
"mashley" Wrote:

This is me riding in the Peak District last weekend. I don't know who took it. A bloke popped up from behind a rock and said i'll pick the pic on his site, and  I did.


Where did you ride in the peaks?  It's great up there isn't it Big Grin
We did about 5 hours of riding. I was with a guy that lives up that way. We started at Castleton visitors centre and finished on Jacobs Ladder descent which was awesome. Not so good on cable disc brakes though my arms were sore!!
We did Mam Tor (i think) out of Castleton which was a damn good ride.  The day before we did a route round Ladybower.  All very sketchy - some of those descents are not for the feint hearted!!  Would love to get back there
Mam Tor was the last point on the end of the ride, after five hours we decided we didnt need to do it though!! Check out Jacobs Ladder its a wicked descent but the climb to get there is about 3 miles and took ages to get there. The surface was like the moon ive never seen such big rocks let alolne tried to ride ride up them!! The guys i was with said Id never make it round on my bike but she held up fine!! ha ha!!
Theres a very fine line between having a brilliant DH run and crashing. This was a bit to close for comfort with the underneath of my outside pedal hitting the tree, didnt slow me down though and the run was great  Smile


New drop and berm section I did yesterday. Damm hard work due to a few inches of soft pine needles entangled with roots that needed digging out which nearly crippled me. Could do with a bit more work on it but hit it with the right speed and it works nicely. 3 runs done now and time to build a really long 4th one and just hope the tree felling not to far away isnt going to extend to my bit. I would be able to re-lay them afterwards but would be a bit of a pain

Nice pics Hugh - How are you getting on with ground clearance on the Trance?

I went skywards over the weekend when trying to clear a fairly large log/tree and the big ring dug right in and threw me.

The Trance has very low BB clearance compared to my last bike.
Are you sure? FS bikes have higher BB's than Hardtails! I can only presume the shock was compressed due to a bump etc
"Breezer" Wrote:Are you sure? FS bikes have higher BB's than Hardtails! I can only presume the shock was compressed due to a bump etc

Positive, I had "pro pedal" on as was technically climbing through the woods - a log which I cleared 100% of the time on my HT now proved a tad more tricky to get over on the FS - teeth on big ring dug straight in - I gallantly took to my  sideways slo-mo A-Team style flying technique.

Trouble is you cannot get ANY speed up to the log as its through some very dense woodland and on a tight S bend.

Ive read on more than one occasion the the Trance was docked points due to the lower clearance.

Im yet to have a mate spot my sag "properly" with me, as I maybe riding a bit lower that required - but other than that, Im 95% sure its lower.
I never used the pro pedal on my rp23 equiped Blur LT as I wanted it active on the rough climbs for more traction. You should have an oring on it to show the travel so use that to set the sag
Yes I have the ring, but always hearing its also good to have a mate look at it while you're stationary on the bike - Ive done it best of my own abilities, worth checking with a second pair of eyes for peace of mind.

The bike feels setup nicely for all DH sections - My HT riding mates cant keep up with me on some DH sections (probably to do with the extra 3 stone Im carrying anyway!!  Wink )

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