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Rotor Buzz, Is it normal ?
ok after i get to any fast moving speed on my bike the disc rotors start to create a buzzing sound, all i want to know is this normal for rotors to make the noise as the wind blasts past them ? or is it going to be a trip up to halfords for them to sort?
They buzz when braking as thats the holes when passing through the pads - Cant say I notice any buzz when not braking - you may have some slight pad contact on the rotor - either brake through it (ie, pad wear in time will stop this) or adjust properly.
Lift the bike up and spin the wheels, are the brakes actually rubbing? If so then the calipers need adjusting. For most 2 pot ones the easiest way is to loosen off the bolts holding the caliper to the frame/forks/disc adapter (only the last ones in the line ie attached to the caliper itself, some bolt straight to forks, others bolt to an adapter which then bolts to forks, in that case leave the adapter to forks ones done up tight and only undo the caliper to adapter ones) then pull the brake lever on hard and whilst holding it in, do the bolts up tight. May need assistance to do the rear one. This will move the caliper into a central position. 4 pots are more finicky however.

If you still get rubbing then its almost certainly due to the frame/forks not being faced properly so the mounting surface isnt flat which is typical when new due to paint, manufacturing tolerances, bits being bent etc. I face my own stuff with a file but may as well go back to Halfords seeing as its their responsibility

Could also be a bent rotor so check for that, they are very fragile with sideways movement. Never pull the brake lever in with the wheel out either as then you have to faff pushing the rotors back in manually (although if you know what you are doing you can use this as a bite point adjustment technique!)

If you have the wavey style of rotors like Maguras etc, you will probably notice a pulsing through the lever but shouldnt get any noise

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