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So looking at reviews for the Fury and the Kraken and would seem that the tyres aren't all that great in the mud etc. The ones that come with them are 2.1 Continental Speed Kings. Anybody recommend any decent ones that will offer better grip
Ah the wonderful if not confusing world of tyres!.....

Theres a tyre for ANY condition, there is no tyre for all conditions, some come close though.

For MUD MUD MUD you'll be looking for Bontrager Mud X

For dry, dusty fine times, I recommend Maxxis High Rollers (Got them on now)

Theres a thousand other tyres to choose from...... suggestions from others will no doubt follow within the next few minutes......
Big Grin andy will be along soon to sort you out Wink

ive only experienced a few tyres,  tioga factory DH's which are bloody lovely tyres, i should hate them but they just offer up grip after grip havent tried them on mud, high roller ST's -never once lost the front end when i had one of these on

and last the maxxis advantage - complete rubbish in mud spins around for ages and covers the person behind you in only a few seconds

just when you thought you had the selection of bikes sorted you will be now blasted with the selections of tyres Big Grin
Very true but at least I would actually have the bike so could finally start riding plus I could make do with the tyres that are on there and change when money permits  Smile
Stick with what you get Alan until you know what sort of riding you are going to be doing and when.
stick with what you get and do big skids until they die...
Keep it foolish...
I'm here ;D

I know i keep changing tyres all the time, but that's just because i am a compulsive tinkerer and get bored if i stick with the same thing for too long, and  probably don't know any more about which is the best tyre than anyone else. I know that Highrollers are good when it's dry, and Trailrakers are good on the back in light mud, but i have yet to find one that is good in the really thick mud everywhere seems to be plagued with at the moment, but a lot of people reccomend the Bonty Jones Mud X. The trouble is i will not go smaller than 2.35 on the front, and having a 2.1 on the back feels weird, so i am trying out a 2.35 Bonty XCA at the moment, which was excelent at Afan but haven't tried it in deep mud yet. I do know it isn't too clever on a slightly greasy roundabout though as i had a massive rear end slide riding home from work tonight :o Oh and i really like the Bonty Big Earl Wet on the front at the moment, and will be trying out the dry version when (if) it dry's out a bit.

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