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Weight loss through Biking
Ok those that know me or have looked will know I used to be a very big Unit, even now I still have about a stone to lose.

However after reviewing some of the pics from the Afan ride I now conclude I need some help.

Right, I usually cycle to work 3 or 4 times a week (weather dependant) and its about 5 and half miles each way with one big hill that I have to go over both ways. I cycle most Sundays doing about 20 mile give or take a few. My rest day usually involves a ride of sorts. Its hard to get out after work most days as I need to collect the kids and do the dinners etc etc. My job is very sedentary in front of a computer for most of the day.

I don’t feel I over eat but do binge some times.

SO what is the best way to lose fat?
What’s my ideal heart rate to burn fat?
Any Training advice?
What am I doing wrong AArgghhh.

Any helpful advise will be most welcome
As I'm lucky enough not to have to worry too much about that Tongue, I'm not full of great ideas, but the one thing I do believe is that the best fat-burning ride is a steady medium-paced long road ride.  Last year I started doing 30ish milers at a steady-medium pace rides and I dropped a belt size within a fortnight Wink
You have the fortune to not have to worry about your technical ability, so missing one technical ride for a fat-burner shouldn't be too much of an issue.
I agree with Ade - I upped my mileage "Pre-Afan" for longer more sustained sessions, I rode twice a week on a regular loop - which incorporated both road and ST.

Your heart rate needs to be up for sustained periods for fat loss (dont quote me) - but I think you need to be in the top 70% of max for at least 30mins - hence Road riding as its less stop-start.

I rode twice a week with a goal to complete my loop in a certain time - I wasnt going out for "entertainment" purposes of finding new places to master and explore- just get the miles and hills in.

THe weight fell off me around that time, and many people commented on how much weight I'd lost - and I felt great (still overweight though)

Then after Afan I didnt train us much, and have quite easily put it all back on again!  Sad

Ive entered the Enduro to give me focus and a goal - something to focus your training on.

But I dont have such strict work and more importantly family commitments, so finding the time can be difficult.
First off you have to focus on the positives in that you've already lost a load of weight, and even if you feel you've put a little back on i think that's normal this time of year.  I don't feel anywhere near as lean and fit as i did a few months ago and i need to get back out training properly.

As you're already active i think you might want to look at your diet if you want to make further progress.  It may be that you don't overeat, but i found making my meals smaller when i wanted to lose weight helped a lot.  Your stomach gets used to the amount of food it recieves so regularly eating less won't necessarily make you permanently hungry long term.  Also dehydration feels like hunger so drink plenty of water at all times.  If you binge occasionally that's an area to look at.  If you don't have crisps and chocolate at hand then you won't eat them.  Maybe try keeping fruit to hand for when you are hungry?

The last thing i would suggest is a different kind of exercise (!).  As you already bike a lot then maybe running or swimming will help as you work different muscles and your overall fitness will improve.  Not easy when time is restricted though - i have no family commitments and still struggle to find time to do everything i want to.

Just a few thoughts anyway - take them or leave them Smile
"pittgoat" Wrote:Just a few thoughts anyway - take them or leave them Smile

I will take them Cheers all  Wink

Anymore advice is welcome or your own personal training (weekly)

I.E how many miles do you put in a week? how far per week? how often?
I dont think you have got any bigger, ive not noticed it mate.
I'v let myself slip a bit lately too. I was down to 11 1/2 stone toward the end of the summer but am currently 12. Just this week i'v had 3 bars of chocolate, 1 cream egg, 2 flaplacks, a chinese last night and just finnished a bag of Multeasers! Haven't exactly good for the healthy option at lunch either. And i have been riding about half as much as in the summer. Time to get back on it again! I agree with Ade, the best fat burning ride is a long and medium paced one with your heart rate above 60% i think. I am going to start doing regular Whitstable to Margate rides again, i might even re fit the big ring.

Oh and i dont think you look any bigger either. Have you put on weight?  
I find if you really want to upset a woman, ask her "Have You lost weight?" - then butt in on her reply and say "Oh.. no, I've found it, its round the back on your a*se!"
"BMJBOY" Wrote:I find if you really want to upset a woman, ask her "Have You lost weight?" - then butt in on her reply and say "Oh.. no, I've found it, its round the back on your a*se!"

LOL, not the best pulling line that one  Wink

Andy i have put on a bit, but looking at the pics from Afan they are not good. Maybe its just hanging with you skinny gits.
Again Andy you dont need to lose any more weight.
Remember i am a Runt.

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