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Giant trance seat clamp size??
Hi guy's, not sure if this is the right section but i figured it was most suitable. I have a nice new 06 trance 2 arriving on Tuesday (fingers crossed) but i've noticed it doesn't come with a QR seat clamp, something i'd rather have. Can anyone tell me what size seat clamp i need? Was thinking of getting a hope seat clamp if they are worth it?

Just measured my Hope clamp and it looks like its 34.9mm.

There's no real advantage of a Hope clamp other than they look good.  It does the job for me - if you fancy a bit of bling then go for it!
cool, thanks for that, yeah i'm not too keen on paying £15 for a seat clamp so i'll have a look around now i know the size!

Thanks again

yes they are 34.9

Hope seat clamps are awful, they just slip.
See I found Hope QRs rubbish (became loose  whilst riding along), but the seatclamps were fine!
The On One own branded one on my Inbred also slips sometimes. The Salsa one on the Turner is perfect however and a far better feel when you open/close it
I'm perfectly happy with my hope seatpost clamp but if i were to get a new one i'd shop around and get something cheaper that'd do the job just as well
Thanks guy's, decided not to go with the hope one...don't want to pay £15-20 for one and find out it doesn't work like it should. Will just get something basic which does the job!

Have you seen the new Hope clamp? Looks bloody gorgeous.

I'v never heard of the Hope seat clamp slipping. Their QR's are dangerouse though! When i had the old Marzocchi's i was going fast DH one day and looked down to see it fully open :Smile
Weld the post in... no slipping... sorted

Here to help...
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