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Bewl Water Info
Following on from a Bedgebury thread elsewhere heh...

Bewl water, signed lap, about 12.5-13 miles or so, 2/3 bridleway and gentle off road, mainly flat with the odd uphill then about a 1/3 on the road up a few steep hills. Nice gentle ride for new comers or a thrash for those fitness mad ones. I think its technically shut for horse riders and cyclists till March normally but nothing stopping you riding most of it as its open access Bridleway

I suggest a summer meet up there with cycling partners etc for a gentle lap followed by food/beer near the visitor centre where there should be ducks quacking  8)

Download this and open it in Google Earth

and here as a jpeg

Reads that not open until April here:

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Bewl is a nice lap, not fantastic singletrack, but can be done at a higher pace for those entering the Enduro and feel the need for speed!  Wink

Can be combined with Bedgebury if we all want to do both in a day
On a related note, being a geek I love this page for it
New 2009 prices. To park in the official car park is now based on £3 per Adult in the car :o Under threes are free, how nice of them.

So really is time to use the Sketchy map at the top the ride thread for alternative "free" Wink parking.

Route as mentioned good for beginners like me ;D But not as much fun as BBH or Blean, a family ride venue.
&quot;UphillDownDale&quot; Wrote:New 2009 prices. To park in the official car park is now based on £3 per Adult in the car :o Under threes are free, how nice of them.

So technically this is now MOREexpensive than Bedgebury?? - sweet jesus!

Im not surprised if Bewl and Bedgebury is run by this bloke!

[media width=500][/media]
Whats worse is when I rode in there late last year they said they were going to charge cyclists who rode in! No idea if thats happened or not but irrelevant as you just carry straight on and onto the byway then go in the top of the car park! or park round at that bridge or something then combine it with a lap of Bedgebury. I wont be going there for a long time though as last time I got so annoyed with the amount of people riding with no helmets and going the other way to me and not moving. Best one was a woman riding on her right so I was on my right then at the last second she swerved across to the other side despite there being enough room before hand. I should have chased her and pushed her into the water
Much the same today, people with no helmets and even a girl today riding with pink slip on shoes. In this world we now live in I'm surprised Bewl are not responsible on some level.

They are not charging if you ride in from the layby's yet Wink
I'd like to see how they are going to charge people who ride in!  I went round there a couple of months ago when  it was pi**ing down and there was no one charging then.  That said, you're right Breezer, there are too many buffoons riding round!  Last year I was stopped by a lady is a long skirt and flipflops who asked me whether she was "nearly there yet".  She was about a fifth of the way round.  IMO it's only worth going early for a thrash or for a family ride.      
You should have seen the look on a woman at my works face when she said she rode it and it took her 5 hours (!) then I told her how I did two laps of 70 mins each  Big Grin
Anyone been round the bewl water cycle route? Wife and I are thinking of going round this weekend. Wifey has a hybrid so will be fine, but I am not sure wether to take the FS mtb (which seems overkill) or my road bike (which seems underkill).

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