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Skid's new ride ?
After Ragging Laura’s bike in Wales iv decided i love the 140 fork 130mm frame for a bike i can ride most anywhere. Im keeping a bike for DH and my really bad jumping so it doesn’t need it to be bomb proof. The choices so far are between a Yeti asr 5 or a Transition Bandit. Looking at doing the buy the frame route. Just wondered if anyone can think of any other bike frame out there similar to consider. Also if John B is really nice he will let me have a quick blast on his bandit. Wink
I'd find it hard to ignore anything by Santa Cruz. Also have you ruled out the might that is a 5? Just watching Joe Barnes on the latest trail diaries on his...
Blur TRC but its a bit pricey!
Lol Blur TRC £2700 for a frame! Its a lovely frame but youve got to mentally insane to think itll make you that much better of a rider by spending that sort of cash.

Bandit is good.

Five is good (bit to popular)

Santa Cruz Nickel is that sort of travel

Mondraker Factor or Foxy

Intense Spider 2 or Tracer 2

Cube sting, nigel ran one with 140mm forks and it was good.
Second hand is the way to go for the Santa Cruz frames. They are insanely expensive new.
Everytime I see johns bandit I want one
You're more than welcome to take the bandit for a spin.

Might be worth considering a Last Herb AM - they seem to get good reviews but not sure if there's a UK distributor.
thanks for all the feed back giving the list of bikes a good look at. Goes to show the amount of choice out there in the bike world now, can almost seem like to many options. I did consider a trek rumble fish but their all sold out and not any more coming ion this year.
There are sooo many choices in the 130/140 rear, 140/150 front catorgory and I do think it is the best choice for a very capable bike that can do pretty much everything.

The thing that has me holding off from serious new bike fever right now is the change that is coming in the market, i reckon that wheel size is going to become a serious factor in bike choice over the next couple of years so I am waiting for a good amount of choice with all the features I want.

With that in mind i'd probably go second hand for now and enjoy with one eye on what is on its way.

Note - all of the above is imho and if we can avoid turning Skid's thread into a rant platform regarding wheel size that might be nice    ;D
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
&quot;Skid&quot; Wrote:I did consider a trek rumble fish but their all sold out and not any more coming ion this year.

I think the Rumblefish is less attractive now more longer travel 29ers are on the scene anyway. Salsa Horsethief (great name) and the Bandit 29er spring to mind.

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