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Dorset/Devon trip
As promised a few shots from Dorset. The riding round there is pretty good. Some great XC routes where you can go from place to place. The most fun we had though was at Haldon Forest bombing the trails there.

Studland Heath
Some good riding here, some great natural DH runs and technical climbs. A lot of sand though so no doubt not very good for the bike. Also better in the dry, but still OK in the wet.

Haldon Forest in Devon
Simply epic fun especially the red route. There is an XC adventure trail across the top of the hill, but we never did it. the DH stuff was just too much fun.

Haldon first section. This is at the end just when your arms are about to fall off...

Mary AKA the GF going well at Haldon middle of the last run, after this there are about 10 berms that are lined up perfectly and a couple of jumps, this trail just flows so well you can't help but smile.

Me on the same section obviously i am a blur as i am going much faster than she was Wink

Mary at Wareham Forest
This place has a few good trails, we sadly did it the day after we had been to Haldon and decided that in essence it was a bit sh!t in comparison. We did see a couple of deer though which was cool.

Me at Wareham

Couple of idiots at the top of the viewpoint in Wareham Forest

One word of warning AVON TYRRELL... We saw this place on the web and decided to check it out... It was quite simply awful, after 45 minutes of plugging through the worst trail in the world we left and went back to Studland Heath. If you go down that way be sure to avoid it like the plague. Far better riding that you don't have to pay for all around. We didn't get to Puddletown Forest which is meant to be really good so next time will try and get over there.
Rou that looks great fun.  Fair play to Mary for riding what looks like some pretty technical stuff!
Cheers Nick, got our eyes on Wales next, although won't be for a while. The first time we went to Haldon she fully freaked out on that mud drop that there is a shot of her riding. We had tears and all sorts. I spent the day showing her how to ride it and how to pick the easiest line as opposed to gunning the worst bits and in the end she loved it. Was great to head back and this time she flew round the whole thing. Even beat me twice down the last one at the end, first time i fell off so we raced again but damn it she beat me by a second. Haven't heard the end of it since! I still reckon she cheated though...

Will try and get to BBH again soon i think.
Looks good rou, will have to make a stop there on the way down to cornwall one day.
Cheers Russ, it is dead easy to get too, just keep on down the M5 past Exeter and then onto the A38 and jump off at Exeter Racecourse. Go under the road and it is to the left. Head out the car park to the right to find the decent trails... I highly recommend it.
Im off to cornwall on sunday, im sure the girlfreind wont suspect anything as i turn off just after the race course. So does the trail lead down the massive hill that you have to drive up on the A38
Pretty much, you drive up the hill, pull over at the race course turning and then the ride starts at the top of the hill. What follows is an epic good solid bone shaking fun ride, that sadly leaves you right at the bottom of said hill.

They need to get a lift installed for the lazy people like me!

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Directions are there, there is a cafe where you can leave the GF... Wink

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