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Swinley Forest
(11-23-2016, 07:32 PM)Deadpool2e Wrote: Anyone know when the new freeride/black run opens??

Nope, nobody knows ... or nobody's telling anyway.
Rose certain bits of Swinley on Saturday & the trails were practically bone dry! Considering Storm Doris hit us last week, and we've had a fair bit of rain lately that was quite amazing.
As a trail centre, its good fun in places, Labrinth was crackin fun and Red 25 (jumps n berms) was good worth sessioning. Nothing big to worry about climbing, but also not much descent at any point, so any good trails were short lived.

We did go off piste down to the right of Labrinth area into an army looking section, there was a very big and fairly steep chute that was good fun to hack down without brakes, that was the only time I went over 20mph all day.

If it was my local spot, I'd ride there fairly regularly, but only because it was local. From our new place it took over 90 mins to reach and I really don't think I'd bother again.
It's not as technical/varied as Bedgebury (aside from Labrinth) and the trails are kinda very spread out. Surrey Hills has a lot more fun trails and they're all fairly closely links in comparison.
Jay Dubster.
Moved to Radstock (nr Bath) but often in Medway & up for a pootle.

2015 Whyte T130 Yari
2009 Trek 8000
2014 Boardman Team Carbon (yawn) 
"Not as varied or as technical as Bedgebury",you must be joking,Swinley is far better than Bedgebury.Plus there's plenty of other trails,in woods nearby.The main problem with Swinley is longish fireroad linking sections.
I do find swinley fun but must agree on the distance being just a bit to far, when there's better closer. Still once a year for me normally works well.
Gotta say, I agree with Dubster & Skid.

First time I went there I thought it was amazing... but I'd only been riding less than a year and had only really ridden Bedgebury & Sherwood Pines for a comparison.

Now I know better and have ridden further afield my last ride in Swinley left me underwhelmed, now I liken it more to being a slightly longer Bedgebury

It's ok, but the cobbles are annoying, and there's only really a couple of sections on the red that are worth the effort. 

Now I use it when I'm teaching MTB to kids on a single track course that I do once or twice a year as it's not particularly challenging but remains fairly consistent and is reasonably close to the base camp that I run the course from near Horsham, but to make a special trip there would mean driving 80miles from home and going past the Surrey Hills and there's no way I'd by-pass the Surrey Hills to get there, alternatively I could go the other direction to Hadleigh Park and ride the Olympic course which would give me more smiles-per-miles.

It also doesn't help that it's so close to London and is swarmed with lycra-clad-stravaistas who seem to feel some sense of entitlement to the place and get way too disproportionately annoyed when a group ahead slows them down on a weekend ride.

If it were as close to home as Bedgebury is to me then of course I'd ride it all the time, but from sunny Hastings... it's just not worth the journey unless it's for a specific reason such as a group ride, or I happen to be in the area.
I agree that traveling to Swinley is a problem and that there are some users who are idiots,think that they own the place,but comparing trails,Swinley is much better than Bedgebury.There's a bigger change in gradient for a start and more trails,with some "secret" stuff either in Swinley or nearby.Bedgebury is just one trail,13km or so long.Also,even where I live in Kent,it takes over an hour to get to Bedgebury,for another 30/40 mins I can be in Surrey Hills.

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