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Surrey Hills
All info regarding Surrey Hills, Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill, Pitch Hill, Box Hill and the winterfolf area.
                                                     WORK IN PROGRESS

Surrey Hills offer possibly the best Mountain Biking to be had in the South East. The Hills that are the most popular in the area are Leith, Holmbury and Pitch Hill. These hills are situated just south off the A25 Between Guildford and Dorking. If your coming via the M25 your best bet is come off and Junction 9, head south towards Dorking on the A24 and then get on the A25 and head west towards Westcott.

Free parking can be found in many places around there area, the most popular and conviently placed parking areas are Peaslake or the Holmbury Youth Hostel. The benefit with the Youth Hostel car park is that it is at the end of the famous Telegraph Trail so you finish on a real buzz. It is also bang in the middle of the 3 main hills so if you have a problem the car is never to far away. The postcode for the youth hostel car park is RH5 6NW. Others also choose to park at Westcott on the A25, here you are at the "base" of Leith Hill but also benefit of having a LBS Nevana cycles.

Surrey Hills are not the North Downs, though they are close to them. They are Sandstone based so drain very well in wet conditions, however if you ride in the rain prepare to do damage to your bike as the sand grinds your drive chain away. You will easily go through a set of brake pads aswell, its not unusual to have a totally clean bike at the end of your ride mid winter. Holmbury and Pitch Hill drain far better than Leith Hill, im not sure why but it could be due to Leith Hill being popular with walkers.

Map showing rough location

Google Map location shown Here

Full Size avalible Here and by clicking "Get original uploaded photo" under the photo.

GPS plotted map of an example ride across all 3 Hills

GPS plotted map of a ride across all 3 hills and towards the hills to the north.

Views from top of Leith Hill

Leith Hill Tower (Top Marks 1000ft high)

View from Holmbury Hill

View from Pitch hill looking our across Holmbury Hill and then Leith Hill (excuse bike, only pic i had)
Postcode for the YHA car park - RH5 6NW

Thought it might help
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Evening all.
I managed to get out of work at lunchtime today so bombed over to Surrey to try out the trails on Holmebury Hill. I had a taster of Barry Knows Best and Telegraph Road already thanks to MBNut so was keen to try the rest out.
I stopped in at Nirvana Cycles and picked up one of thier maps and managed to ride 5 of their six trails. Some werent easy to find and Parklife seemed a bit disjointed but all in all great fun. Barry Knows Best is billiant, and its just a shame its such a grind of a climb back to the top!
How do the other Hills (and trails therein) compare?
Leith Hill has lots and lots of single track and random technical bits here and there, only porb with Leith hill is that some of the best bits are far apart from each other and its very up and downey. Pitch hill has lots of singletrack and technical bits and is in a more concentrated area, its one of my favs. Ive only just started to explore the winterfold area but i have found some excellent trails there.

Ill finish this section someday.
Stumbled across this site whilst researching about the Surrey Hills. Me and some mates are planning on riding the Surrey Hills for the first time in a few weeks time, and yours is the first site that has a route on. Do have the routes available in a more detailed format, eg the gps data or a higher res map?
Hi Adam,

Buzz has some GPS tracks i am sure, but why not post in the rides section and see if you can get a guided tour. Lots of us enjoy Surrey Hills so you may get a few more people involved and get shown all the little gems up there!

Welcome to Sketchy!

Thanks for the welcome! Not sure when we will be going yet, most probably not until the middle to end of next month, but when I have a date then I shall stick something up.
In the meantime... If your in Gills, your more than welcome to join any local or local-ish Sketchy ride.. See how your fitness is in comparisome etc
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Welcome to the forum Adam! A few of the guy's are riding BBH this Sunday, i'm sure they won't mind you tagging along if your interested.

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