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E-bikes restrictions
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Not sure if this is a first? But it's a debate most trail centers and cycle access areas are probable thinking about.
Moab took the simple stance that there motorised, there for not allowed in cycle only areas, simples!
At the moment they don't seem much of a problem as their not too powerful, and the premise seems you use the motor to get you up rather than down. But it's the future of it all that cause the headache, seem companies are bring out motor cross e-bike and some seem to be bridging the gap between cycle and motorbike.
It's also not just trail centers that I'm thinking here, but also the forestry commission. As said its when they start getting faster I think the problems will begin.
What's your take, should they be allowed in cycle areas ? Or should they be thrown in the 101 room with mopeds?
I think they're just a fad and will die out, like 29ers Wink
Keep it foolish...
As i said on facebook, tis bloody stupid! They are only electric assist, aimed at helping people to keep riding who would otherwise have to give up riding due to injury and/or illness or just old age. They only assist up to 15mph, none of the production MTB e bikes have a throttle so won't be wheelspinning and tearing up the trails, unless some lazy fool has retrofitted a motor and throttle onto an MTB. If they are encountering any of the latter, then there needs to be a distinction between fat lazy people that just can't be arsed to peddle and people that genuinly have medical issues that can't peddle hard uphill for prolonged periods. Just to issue a blanket ban is neieve and stupid, and i'm sure none of you would be of the opinion that if medical issues mean you can't peddle to the top that they should just give up biking, as i sure as hell won't!
Good point yogi tree hugging bear. Agreed their a great invention to aid mobility.
So Would restricting their power or speed be the answer then? Or are they already restricted? Does anyone know if to be able to use them on the road they are already restricted?
How long would they remain restricted for? Just about every mtber (not oldie nipping to the shops) would fettle their ebike into oblivion, there's a vid somewhere of a dude caning his ebike up a big hill, hopping up rocks and being a badass, it looks great fun, but is the sort of thing that will lead to us all getting a bad name. Then I'd become badass by association, so that's pretty cool
Keep it foolish...
Skid Wrote:Good point yogi tree hugging bear. Agreed their a great invention to aid mobility.
So Would restricting their power or speed be the answer then? Or are they already restricted? Does anyone know if to be able to use them on the road they are already restricted?
All the e MTB's so far only assist with peddling up to 15mph, above that speed they are just like any other bike, with the associated extra weight too so are prob actually slower than unasisted bikes above 15mph, i believe the Canyon weighs about 38lb. Bet it would be fun for us to cain it uphill at 15mph, but don't know why anyone capable of peddling uphill would get one, that really is lazy, although if i had one i would prob put the same effort in and go silly fast, so maybe that is why MOAB has banned them. So again, there needs to be a distinction between able bodied people wanting to go sill fast uphill and people who genuinly need one to be able to keep on riding.
When I went to Moab,back in 2003,everything was on the trails,eg Unimog truck,Hummer and Jeeps.Must have changed policy since then.As for banning ebikes,I think they've made their position clear now,before they become too popular/powerful.Then it might be harder to stop or control them.The land in Moab is very special,has unique bio diversity etc,we were told to keep to marked trails,not to go into water holes,puddles etc,Stay on rock,on marked trails.Perhaps a lot of damage has happened in recent years,as MTB,has become increasingly popular.I generally agree with a ban,there are far too many riders in MTB who don't want to peddle,make excuses about not getting fitter,expect uplifts etc.These bikes just give lazy people more of a chance to ride without doing anything physical at all.Plus,as these bikes develop,they will probably become more powerful,and likely cause more trail damage.Yes there are some disabled riders who would benefit from these bikes,but the majority take up would be the able bodied.
I get overtaken regularly on my way to work by a guy on a Giant Trance with a motor on it. No way it's limited to 15mph. Acceleration on it is stupid, it easily does 25-30mph and there is definitely nothing wrong with the guy on it.

Can't see the problem with them being banned in Moab etc. If you're so immobile for whatever reason that you need E-assist then chances are those sorts of trails will be beyond you too.

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