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Fisher and my Reverb
My reverb failed for the second time just over a month ago, it had an inch of up and down movement at the top of its travel and was sticky coming back up. It has already been back once for the common air seal failure.

The post is just over a year old and the original reverb...

It was sent back to fisher 4 weeks ago, today I finally found out from the head mechanic at fisher that it is the worst reverb he has ever seen, apparently it is beyond repair inside and will not be repaired, its taken them 4 weeks to tell me this!

What is even worse is that im not going to get a new post nor am i going to get my one repaired. Apparently its failed due to water and dirt entering the post from the bottom air vents in the post which allows air out when the post goes down. The water and dirt has entered the frame through the seat tube collar slit and its my fault ive not cleaned this out.... now as you lot know ive changed frames twice since owning the reverb so its been cleaned out, I cant see any mention on srams website stating the clean out schedule!

Ive owned remote seat posts since the Joplin 3 came out, this failed after a year and 2pure replaced it with a joplin 4, I know how they work and what goes wrong with them. For sram to have this sort of customer service i find disgusting and im not going to let it go.

Anyone know of any details on the distance selling act or sales of good act thats going to help me out? clearly the original reverb is not fit for purpose, its well known the reverb has had huge problems.

Does anyone have any email address or contact details for people at Sram or Fisher, UK or US.

Ive been offered a reduced price brand new one for £194, they can stick that where the sun doesnt shine, ill be buying a KS lev if this doenst work out (yes Breezer no need to comment "should have bought a KS").

Thats absolutely crap , sounds like a blatant case of pass the buck . I'd contact your local trading standards office, they will be able to tell you all your rights and what way to go about pursuing any claim  Wink
Do they list service intervals like with their forks, if they do then sadly it probably comes under that as cleaning it would be seen as a step of the dismantle/service? I recall pouring water out of my Butcher when I turned it upside down after 1 lap of the Wall in the rain but as I ride the bike up the right way, im not sure how the water can get into the post really unless the bike is put upside down after a wet ride without draining the frame. I always take my post out when putting the bike in the car so it cant go in that way but I will make a note of this potential issue...

I have a Reverb as well as my old KS, the Reverb fixes my only issues with the old i950 which are the infinity adjust head and sealed remote so it wont start getting sticky when covered in much like the old KS i950 one. My old dropper though has still only been serviced once in 2 years and has no more play than when I got it.

If buying new now I would get a Lev as it has the infinity adjust heat, sealed remote system plus goes in at the bottom so no stupid cable sticking out which occasionaly hits the tyre when fully lowered/max travel from the rear. Not sure how similar the internals are, ie if they are similar to old they should be ok but if they are a new design you could have 1st gen issues which affects them all. That new Crank Brothers one looks great but ive seen reports of them wearing the post massively in only a few months! I dont understand how these companies forget to test the products first! I guess its to get them to market. Fox took ages to test but then ended up with an overpriced product thats massively inferior to most other posts
Nothing mentioned in the user manual,

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _rev_a.pdf</a><!-- m -->

Only bit in the user manual that they could get me on;

This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. Wear
and tear parts are subject to damage as a result of normal
use, failure to service according to SRAM recommendations
and/or riding or installation in conditions or applications
other than recommended.

Cant find anywhere where SRAM recommends services...

The fact is though that i can prove the original reverb is not fit for purpose, hence replacing all originals with new 2012 internals etc.

Thanks Kev, ill call trading standards tomorrow.
SRAM really are beyond useless when it comes to manuals etc. Try and navigate their site to find things like that and its a joke. I recent got new 29er Sids, all they come with is the basic multi language manual on how to fit the axle, nothing about how to actually set the forks up, use the new rct3 settings etc! I recall going on their site before looking for some info and all I could find was that same basic manual, not a proper one! Fox stuff may have issues but at least they have proper manuals and service guides etc, Manitou do as well, very detailed guides
Thats terrible, definitely some sort of email back to them suggesting that they rethink their offer before you go and plaster this over as many forums as possible.

Surely for them its a no brainer to replace this and keep a happy customer.
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Dont muck about arguing by email/phone as they have already shown how the intend to play this. They have gambled that you will give up.

Do some research and go down the small claims route. Essentially the post should be a) fit for purpose and b) last a reasonable amount of time.

I would say they fail on both fronts. Its designed for use on an MTB and was sold in a country famous for naff weather, so it shoud be able to stand up to a bit of muck. And on the second count no reasonable person would consider 13 months to be the lifespan of a £250 dropper post. It costs about £30 to register a small claim and when you win they will have to refund you.

Some reading...

Register claim here...

Amazingly I have never had to do this but I am sure you can attach evidence. Collect some STW/MTBR/Bikeradar posts supporting your claim.
What im unsure off is who im going to be claiming against, the shop i bought it from or fisher/sram?
&quot;Buzz&quot; Wrote:What im unsure off is who im going to be claiming against, the shop i bought it from or fisher/sram?

Good question. I am pretty sure your first port of call is the shop you bought it from, as it is with them that you have a contract. Did the shop sent it off for you or did you go direct to Fisher?
Sent it to the shop and all communication to fisher has been through them, the shop has been very good.

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