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BOS Deville
Whos running one and what do you think of it?

Darren, did you get the TRC or Non-TRC version?

Still not 100% sure on this, fox is tried and tested and I have never had reliability issues. Morzochhi is a bit heavy.

Wasnt going to bother with the TRC but wondering if having the ability to switch them to 130mm travel without lowering them would be better for blean type rides, or if its a feature i just wouldnt use.

TRC are available apparently. Non-TRC are still on the waiting list.
I have them... I like them... I never use the TRC

You are welcome to try them but you have to promise not to dismantle them and start machine bit down or anything   Wink

Mine are non tapered by the way.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
do you not use the TRC for any particular reason? I was thinking that it may be pretty useful for pump tracks and smoother tracks (PORC 4X for example)
I never touch it... same as I never touch the compression nob on the Fox or Rock Shox... I set it up to feel good most of the time and just leave it...

The only thing I ever do is pop a rear air can on number to if riding on high compression berms etc... and that is only if I remember..
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Having reread your question I realise that you mention pump tracks and 4x....  not something I spent much time riding, the Deville is predominately a 'trail/enduro' fork which suits my riding.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Mine have TRC only because I got them when they first came out and only just being imported into the UK (was about to buy them from France till I spoke to R53 and they sorted me out one of the first sets) and that was the only option. It ramps up the lcs a bit and limits the travel without changing the fork height. The only time I use it is on the steep runs off the top of Pitch for example. It works well for me there as I mince down with a lot of braking and as you know front brake causes diving, last thing you want on steep runs, the trc keeps the front propped up a bit.

For you I probably wouldnt bother with it. I felt no need to turn it on anywhere in Wales etc or R or Porc etc as you really dont notice much difference until in teh really steep stuff and on the brakes etc

I put them on my BFe once up Porc, too much travel but I noticed when I got home that the TRC lever didnt clear the downtube! Lucky I didnt crash! Think you can turn it. Bloke up R with a small nomad has similar like issues with 36's though, you should be ok on your larger frame, ive not had any issue with zesty/spicy/fritzz/butcher not good enough to notice a headtube/steerer flexing. 1 1/8" was only option when I got mine but I delibrately got that size on my 29er Sids so that I can run a angleset later if I want.

I cant compare to air Fox's but I will say that the 36 Van RC2's which came with my 2nd hand Butcher were pretty much as good. If I hadnt already had the Devilles I would have kept them I think although there is the weight sacrifice.

Should weight be a consideration for you as you already run coil rear and are willing to take the sacrifice. Marzcochies do get really good writeups and have even longer service intervals. I have read mixed reports about R53 (BOS importers) when it comes to sorting issues but then is that any different to all the others?

I know you like your perfection but even if money wasnt an issue, for me it would be a tough choice to go from Float 36's to the Devilles as it will probably cost you £500? Yours are old 36R's though I think? What about a custom tuned/pushed Fit damper upgrade with the RC2 settings or whatever they call them, ie low and high speed compression? That might come in at sub £250. Mine were a size/travel upgrade on the Zesty at the time from 32's so easier to justify.

Only issues ive had with my Devilles is the original axle is a pain having to use an allen key then you need to do it up FT+2, also oddly Hope headsets have to be done up really tight and it was impossible to get a Hope crown reducer tight enough to stop knocking in the Butcher.
interesting about the Hope headset issue, Ive got a hope on the Mojo.

Does the low speed compression not keep the forks propped up on the steep stuff? Thats another reason for not going with the marzochhi's, all that initial suppleness does mean they dive a little.

I was under the impression that the devilles rode high in their travel except for the bigger hits.
Could have just been my reducer or my early steerer being ever so slightly smaller but I had to do it up so tight to stop it clunking at which point the bearings would bind, swapped to a cheapo superstar one still with a split race, no issues. The Spicy has a hope in it but only 1 1/8" and its ok though..

Yes it does. It may have just mostly been whats the word, having a mental block, you know in the mind, as they just felt good down there, ive certainly not noticed much difference with it on down normal DH trails so perhaps it doesnt do much. Bear in mind that ive been to Surrey only about 3 times with them....I didnt use it at Cwmcarn uplift so I really wouldnt bother

I do find I run the compression both low and high wound off more than the initial "in the middle" settings. The low speed can sometimes feel a bit harsh otherwise plus I had to tweak the high quite a bit at cwmcarn on the braking bumps down the end. Once they are in a sequence of roots though they are unreal......other forks might be better over an initial hit but not a sequence

Reminds me that I should probably ride the Spicy soon, other than a sealed surface test ride ages back ive only used it once in Friston in quite a few months but it was amazing in there....

Infact there was one steep semi drop into a berm and I recall saying to Leigh that it felt like I was riding into a baloon as it was the single best suspension feeling I had ever had as it went into the berm and round it and it was the same every run  8)
I really fancy the devilles just not sure on servicing, as you mentioned the importer from what ive heard can be a bit hit and miss. For whats its worth I can get tapered steerer Fox 36's RC2 FIT (kashima) for the same money. The kashima has made a difference on the RC4 so would be interesting to know how it has improved the forks.
Had mine 14 months or so,  due a basic oil change...

I'm sure the new 36's would be pretty much the same and at least there is more info out there and easier to service or modify etc

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